Aloha Betrayed: Loose Ends Left Dangling

DO NOT read this page if you have not yet finished reading Aloha Betrayed. It has GINORMOUS SPOILERS.

Here are the unanswered questions that were bothering me by the end of the book - you may have others, and if you do, send them along and I'll add them to the list.

1. The biggie: Mala's involvement with Douglas Fir Engineering. What was it exactly? Was it as bad as was being hinted? And if it was, what was Mala's motivation? And how did the relationship come about? There was a whole untold story there.

2. The conversation Jessica overhears at the luau: the two men represented two different parties, Charlie Reed the boat captain and Witherspoon the developer. So when one of them said "He'll kill her," which "he" were they referring to?

3. Was Charlie Reed in any way responsible, directly or indirectly, for Christian Barlow getting it into his head to attack Jessica on the bike ride down the volcano? Wouldn't it have been a good idea to at least talk to him about it instead of taking Barlow's word at face value?

4. Weren't Mike and Jessica supposed to be teaching a class? After the Sunday morning session, that angle of the plot seems to have disappeared completely.

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