The Definitive Guide to Season 1

Season One

1. The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
Jessica Fletcher is a widow who lives in a small coastal town in Maine and spends her time writing mysteries. In the opener, she attends a costume party thrown by her New York publisher and finds herself involved in a real-life mystery – someone has done away with Sherlock Holmes.

Preston Giles – Arthur Hill
Caleb McCallum – Brian Keith
Louise McCallum – Anne Lloyd Francis
Grady Fletcher – Michael Horton
Kit Donovan – Jessica Browne
Ashley Vickers – Tricia O’Neil
Chief Roy Gunderson – Ned Beatty
Peter Brill – Bert Convy
Dexter Baxendale – Dennis Patrick
Daniel – John Hancock
Busdriver – Herb Edelman
Doctor – Raymond St. Jacques
Youth on bus – Russell Curry
Ellis Holgate – Donald Elson
Lois Hoey – Paddy Edwards
Davis (the butler) – David Byrd
Marvin – Peter Boyle
Cab driver – Dan Chambers

2. Deadly Lady
A multimillionaire is swept off his yacht during a hurricane near Cabot Cove, but his four daughters aren’t exactly drowning in sorrow.

Sheriff Amos Tupper – Tom Bosley
Ethan Cragg – Claude Akins
Ralph/Stephen Earl – Howard Duff
Nan Earl – Doran Clark
Maggie Ear – Marilyn Hassett
Lisa Earl Shelby – Cassie Yates
Grace Earl Lamont – Anne Lockhart
Terry Jones – Richard Hatch
Brian Shelby – Dack Rambo
Elias Cobb – Robert Beecher
Jonathan Bailey – Tom Bower
Nils Andersen – John Petlock
Deputy Emma – Carol Swarbrick

3. Birds of a Feather
Jessica travels to San Francisco where she attempts to clear her niece’s bridegroom-to-be of the murder of a nightclub owner.

Howard Griffin – Jeff Conaway
Victoria Brandon – Genie Francis
Freddie York – Gabe Kaplan
Al Drake – Martin Landau
Candice Drake – Carol Lawrence
Barbara Stevenson – Barbara Rhoades
Lt. Floyd Novak – Harry Guardino
Bill Patterson – Bart Braverman
Mike Dupont – Dick Gautier
M. C. Brian Avery
Maitre d’ – Robin Bach
Minister – John O’Leary

4. Hooray for Homicide
Jessica becomes a murder suspect when she threatens a film producer who has plans to glamorize one of her novels.

Ross Hayley – John Astin
Eve Crystal – Melissa Sue Anderson
Marta Quintessa – Samantha Eggar
Ted Lafferty – Paul Ryan
Jerry Lydecker – John Saxon
Scott Bennett – Morgan Stevens
Allan Gebhart – James MacArthur
Detective Mack Brody – Erik Hollen
Lt. Mike Hernandez – Jose Perez
Elinor – Virginia Mayo
Sunny Finch – Marianne McAndrew
Norman Lester – Ron Palillo
Paddy – Hank Rolike
Strindberg – Lyle Waggoner

5. It's a Dog's Life
A fox hunter dies when his normally placid horse goes wild, and suspicion falls on the heir to his estate: his dog.

Abigail Benton Freestone – Lynn Redgrave
Morganna Cramer – Cathryn Damon
Echo Cramer – Cherie Currie
Marcus Boswell – Dean Jones
Trish Langley – Lenore Kasdorf
Spencer Langley – Jared Martin
Denton Langley – Dan O’Herlihy
Isaiah Potts – Gregory Walcott
Tom Cassidy – Forrest Tucker
Deputy Will Roxie – Byron Cherry
Sheriff – Roger Miller
Barnes – Sandy Ward
Anthony – Brian Mozur
Gary – Greg Norberg
Veterinarian – James Hampton

6. Lovers and Other Killers
While lecturing at a Seattle college campus, Jessica becomes caught up in academic intrigues that lead to murder.

Dean Edmund Gerard – Peter Graves
Prof. Todd Lowery – Andrew Prine
Jack Kowalski – Grant Goodeve
Lila Schroeder Kowalski – Lorry Walsh
David Tolliver – Andrew Stevens
Lt. Andrews – Greg Morris
Amelia – Lois Nettleton

7. Hit, Run and Homicide
Jessica helps an eccentric neighbor who is accused of murdering his former partner with one of his inventions.

Daniel O’Brien – Van Johnson
Charles Woodley – Stuart Whitman
Katie Simmons – June Allyson
Tony Holiday – Edward Albert
Cora McIntyre – Dee Croxton
Leslie – Patti – D’Arbanville
Dean Merrill – Bruce Gray
Doctor – Harry Stephens
Amos Tupper – Tom Bosley
Ethan Cragg – Claude Akins
Lois Hoey – Paddy Edwards

8. We're Off to Kill the Wizard
Jessica is asked to help solve the “impossible” murder of a wealthy and much disliked amusement park owner.

Horatio Baldwin – James Coco
Erica Baldwin – Christine Belford
Carol Donovan – Anne Kerry
Det. Lt. Bert Donovan – James Stephens
Laurie Bascomb – Kim Darby
Phillip Carlson – Kristoffer Tabori
Michael Gardner/Micky Baumgarden – George DiCenzo
Nils Highlander – Gene Evans
Billy Donovan – Leaf Phoenix
Cindy Donovan – Summer Phoenix
Arnold Megrim – Richard Saunders
Ned O’Brien – Eric Server
Captain Davis – John Schuck

9. Death Takes a Curtain Call
Jessica crosses sabers with a KGB agent when she becomes involved with the defection of a Soviet ballet dancer accused of murder.

Major Anatoli Kossoff – William Conrad
Irina Katsa – Kerry Armstrong
Alexander Masurov – George de la Pena
Leo Petersen/Leon Petrovitch – Hurd Hatfield
Serge Berensky – Anthony DeLongis
Natalia Masurov – Vicki Kriegler
Velma Rodecker – Jessica Nelson
Palmer Eddington – Paul Rudd
Dewey Johnson – Courtney Burr
Sgt. Kevin Hogan – Read Morgan
FBI Agent O’Farrell – Dane Clark
Amos Tupper – Tom Bosley
Ethan Cragg – Claude Akins
Nagy – Adam Gregor

10. Death Casts a Spell
Jessica is called upon to solve the murder of a hypnotist who is killed behind locked doors, in front of an audience of journalists whom he had put into a trance.

Cagliostro – Jose Ferrer
Bud Michaels – Murray Hamilton
Andy Townsend – Brian Kerwin
Zack Bernard – Max Nutter
Regina Kellijian – Michelle Phillips
Joan Germaine – Diana Canova
Lt. Bergkamp – Robert Hogan
Dr. Yambert – Conrad Janis
Sheri Diamond – Elaine Joyce
Jay Colucco – Alex Reebar
Liz – Mary Lou Kenworthy
Fillmore – Rance Howard
Helsema – Dianne Turley Travis

11. Capitol Offense
Jessica is assigned to fill the empty seat of a deceased congressman for a brief period of time and finds a great deal of political game-playing in Washington, D.C.

Rep. Wendell Joyner – Frank Aletter
Rep. Dan Keppner – Stephen Macht
Rep. Ronald Olsen – David Hooks
Diana Simms – Linda Kelsey
Kaye Sheppard – Edie Adams
Harold DeWitt – Colby Chester
Harry Parmel – Nicholas Pryor
Ray Dixon – Mitchell yan
Joe Blinn – Gary Sandy
Thor Danziger – Mark Shera
Det. Lt. Avery Mendelsohn – Herschel Bernardi

12. Broadway Malady
Broadway legend Rita Bristol and her daughter star in a musical produced by her son, no knowing that murder is lurking in the wings.

Rita Bristol – Vivian Blaine
Barry Bristol – Gregg Henry
Patty Bristol – Lorna Luft
Grady Fletcher – Michael Horton
Si Parrish – Patrick O’Neal
Lew Feldman – Milton Berle
Det. Sgt. Moreno – Gregory Sierra
Lonnie Valerian – Elaine Giftos
Jimmy Finley – Bob Gorman
Kate Metcalf – Sharee Gregory
Carlin Nahs – Bert Hinchman
Marc Faber – Robert Morse
Dr. Peter Webber – Edison Stroll
Gretchen Pashko – Barbara Whinnery

13. Murder to a Jazz Beat
While in New Orleans, Jessica must solve the mysterious murder of a famous musician who died while performing onstage.

Callie Coleman – Olivia Cole
Eubie Sherwin – George Kirby
Aaron Kramer – Cameron Mitchell
Lafayette Duquesne – Garret Morris
Carl Turnball – Ed Nelson
Dr. Allan Collyer – Michael Caravan
Jonathan Hawley – Clive Revill
Eddie Walters – Stan Shaw
Hec Tattersal – David Whitfield
Jimmy Firth – Bobby Sherman
Det. Lt. Simeon Kershaw – Bradford Dillman
Ben Coleman – Glynn Turman
Lisa – Elaine Hobson

14. My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean
Jessica’s niece, on a therapeutic cruise after her husband’s suicide, is terrorized by a series of mementos that could only have come from him.

Pamela Crane – Belinda J. Montgomery
Captain Daniels – Leslie Nielsen
Carla Raymond – JoAnne Worley
Diane Shelley – Lynda Day George
Phoebe Carroll – Vicki Lawrence
Russell Tompkins – Andrew Parks
George Reed – Lawrence Pressman
Dr. Andrew Jeffreys Reed – Rosemary Forsyth
Dr. Ross – Michael G. Hawkins
Ramon – Paul Carafote
Nurse – Kay Freeman
Morley – George Marshall Ruge
Maitre d’ – Byron Webster
Cowboy – Don Matheson
Dr. Marshall Macgill – Jason Evers

15. Paint Me a Murder
On a Mediterranean isle, an attempt on a famous artist’s life fails, but then, it’s only the first attempt.

Diego Santana – Cesar Romero
Miguel Santana – Fernando Allende
Sir John – Stewart Granger
Willard Kaufmann – Robert Goulet
Stefan Conrad – Steven Keats
Margo Santana – Christina Raines
Elaine McComber – Judy Geeson
Belle Chaney – Capucine
Rosa – Alma Beltran
Inspector Henry Kyle – Ron Moody
Antonio – Pepe Hern

16. Tough Guys Don't Die
Private investigator Harry McGraw’s partner has been murdered while he was trying to solve several different cases – one of which he was pursuing at Jessica’s request.

Harry McGraw – Jerry Orbach
Lt. Starkey – Paul Winfield
Priscilla Daniels – Barbara Babcock
Ray Kravitz – Gerald S. O’Loughlin
Gavin Daniels – John McMartin
Larry King – John Furey
Erin Kerry – Nancy Grahn
Alma Leonard – Margery Nelson
Judge Carter Lambery – Fritz Weaver
Ernie Santini – Alex Rocco
Mrs. Connie Miles – Rosanna Huffman
Leora Cargill – Tina Lafford
Archie Miles – Floyd Levine

17. Sudden Death
Jessica inherits a key percentage of a professional football team and finds herself pursuing the owner’s killer.

Commissioner Harris Talmadge – Gary Lockwood
Phil Kreuger – Allan Miller
Mavis Kreuger – Elizabeth Savage
Cathy Farrell – Jan Smithers
Jill Farrell – Marcianne Warman
Zak Farrell – Bruce Jenner
Tank Mason – Dick Butkus
Pat Patillo – Warren Berlinger
Grover Dillon – James McEachin
Lt. Clyde Pace – Tim Thomerson
Web McCord – John Beck
Brad Lockwood – David Doyle
Baxter – Albert Lord
Security Guard – Arnold Turner

18. Footnote to Murder
A novelist is murdered and his unpublished manuscript stolen during a book awards convention.

Horace Lynchfield – Paul Sand
Alexis Post – Diana Muldaur
Hemsley Post – Kenneth Mars
Lucinda Lark – Constance Forslund
Debbie Delancey – Talia Balsam
Frank Palinski – Vincent Baggetta
Tiffany Harrow – Morgan Brittany
Mel Comstock – Pat Harrington
Lt. Meyer – Ron Masak
Adrian Winslow – Robert Reed
Assistant D. A. – Mark Harrison
Optometrist – Josh C. Becker
Ernie – John Brandon

19. Murder Takes the Bus
Murder strikes when bus passengers, including Jessica and Sheriff Tupper, are stranded at a roadside diner during a storm.

Gilbert Stoner – John Chandler
Ben Gibbons – Michael Constantine
Steve Pascal – Terence Knox
Jane Pascal – Linda Blair
Prof. Kent Radford – Larry Linville
Miriam Radford – Rue McClanahan
Ralph Leary – Mills Watson
Cyrus Lefingwell – David Wayne
Carey Drayson – Don Stroud
Joe Downing – Albert Salmi
Amos Tupper – Tom Bosley

20. Armed Response
The head of a Dallas hospital is murdered shortly after Jessica checks in after a minor accident at the airport.

Dr. Wes Kenyon – Sam Groom
Dr. Ellison – Martin Kove
Dr. Sam Garver – Stephen Elliott
Jennie Wells – Kay Lenz
Milton Porter – Kevin McCarthy
Sadie Winthrop – Martha Raye
Melanie Barker – Victoria Carroll
Barney Ogden – Eddie Bracken
Billy Don Barker – James Gammon
Marge Horton – Susan Oliver
Harlan – Fred D. Scott
Lt. Ray Jenkins – Bo Hopkins
Mrs. Bundle – Lucille Meredith

21. Murder at the Oasis
Jessica’s reunion with her college roommate is marred when her friend’s superstar ex-husband is murdered despite his impregnable security system.

Johnny Shannon – Ed Ames
Mickey Shannon – Joseph Bottoms
Peggy Shannon – Piper Laurie
Terry Shannon – Linda Purl
Lou Ross – Jack OHalloran
Vic LaRosa – Joseph Cali
Buster Bailey – Joey Bishop
Det. Sgt. Barnes – Ken Howard
Chico Miller – David Bowman
Gus – John Miranda
Guard – Michael Griswold

22. Funeral at Fifty-Mile
Jessica travels to Wyoming for the funeral of an old friend and is faced with the murder of a man everyone despises.

Mary Carver – Kathleen Beller
Timothy Carver – Donald Moffat
Bill Carmody – J.D. Cannon
Doc Wallace – Noah Beery
Sheriff Ed Potts – Cliff Potts
Sam Breen – William Windom
Art Merrick – Jeffery Osterhage
Sally Mestin – Stella Stevens
Carl Mestin – Clu Gulager
Alice – Brooke Alderson
Emma – Edith Diaz
Jesus, the ranch hand – Efrain Figuerosa

Sources: TV Guide and The Unofficial Guide to Murder She Wrote by James Robert Parish.

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