The Definitive Guide to Season 10

Season Ten

197. A Death in Hong Kong
A tenth season opens in Hong Kong, where a British trader attempting a difficult merger with a Chinese firm is poisoned at a banquet.

Brian Dunbar – Barrie Ingham
Emma Soong Dunbar – France Nuyen
Inspector McLaughlin – David Warner
Louise Walton – Teri Austin
Mark Tower – James Sutorius
April Dunbar – Vivian Wu
Kai Kuan – Soon-Teck Oh
David Kuan – Dustin Nguyen
Mr. Li – Raymond Ma
Chang – Calvin Jung

198. For Whom the Ball Tolls
A developer’s brother who opposed razing a brownstone where Hemingway once wrote is killed.

Carol Collins – Barbara Babcock
Eugene Gillrich – Kevin Kilner
Margaret Johnson – Hallie Foote
Lee Gillrich – Susan Walters
Nolan Walsh – Jeff Conaway
Mike LaRocca – Ray Abruzzo
Lt. Artie Gelber – Herb Edelman
Det. Henderson – Leonard Lightfoot
Victor Barton – Alex Courtney
Josie Miles – Lela Ivey
Walter Gillrich – Robert Pine
Pete – John Dennis
Al – Alexander Folk
Peggy – Jodi Russell
Evelyn – Wendy Hoffman

199. The Legacy of Borbey House
A wooden stake is driven through the heart of the mysterious new owner of an old Victorian home in Cabot Cove.

Lawrence Baker – David Birney
Dr. Sorenson – Roy Dotrice
Charles Weatherly – Richard Gilliland
Philip Holt – Lawrence Pressman
Molly Holt – Judith Jones
Dave Perrin – Gary Hershberger
Peter Jatich – Christopher Neame
Jean O’Neill – Madlyn Rhue
Mrs. Higgins – Barbara Townsend
Deputy Andy Broome – Louis Herthum
Jim Milio – Steve Jackson

200. The Phantom Killer
A free-lance writer comes under suspicion when the potential buyer of the foundering magazine he is contracted to write for is found murdered in his apartment sauna.

Harrison Kane – Alan Thicke
Abby Peters – Emily Warfield
Ellen Harper – Janet Julian
Kathryn Scofield – Vanessa Angel
Dave Wolski – Christian Bocher
Ben Foreman/Gary Manyon – David Kriegel
Carter Drummond – Jack Laufer
Hans Dietrich – Reiner Schoene
Dean Richards – Scott Valentine
Lt. Artie Gelber – Herb Edelman
Det. Henderson – Leonard Lightfoot

201. A Virtual Murder
There’s nothing virtual about the murder of the paranoid genius behind a virtual-reality video game.

Michael Burke – Kevin Sorbo
Sharon Baskin – Julia Campbell
Kate Walden – Kate McNeil
James Lindstrom – Ramy Zada
Alex Hooper – Shawn Phelan
John Crowley – Allan Miller
David Salt – Phil Morris
Sergeant Rossi – Sherman Augustus
Colonel Fleming – Wayne Bolton
Carrie Brandeis – Shoshana Henri
Jeremy Hastings – Arthur Cohan
Dan Porter – Thomas Ryan
Mr. Townsend – Danny Woodburn
Ignacio Delcanto – Richard Yniguez

202. Bloodlines
Two families’ fortunes ride on a once-injured Thoroughbred whose trainer is murdered.

Matt Cleveland – Mickey Rooney
Catherine Noble – Tippi Hedren
Wally Hampton – Don Murray
Lloyd Mentone – Stephen Macht
Paul Hampton – Sean O’Bryan
Jill Cleveland – Shawnee Smith
Tracy Noble – Ami Dolenz
Dr. Garney – Frank Farmer
Sheriff Clyde Benson – Blake Gibbons
Deputy Vernon Kelly – Scott Stevens
Gus Tardio – Don Swayze

203. A Killing in Cork
In Ireland, the elder son of a recent widow is suspected of killing her American nephew, who was after the family business.

Fiona Delaney Griffith – Fionnula Flanagan
Ambrose Griffith – Andrew Robinson
Patrick Griffith – Cyril O’Reilly
William Mahaffy – Donnelly Rhodes
Sean Griffith – Gordon Currie
Father Timothy – Gerald S. O’Loughlin
Sgt. Terence Boyle – Mark Rolston
Emily Griffith – Bridget Wilson
Una O’Reilly – Udana Power
Dennis Moylan – Dakin Matthews
Siobhan Kennedy – Wendy Benson
Eric – Michael Connors
Duffy – Paul Ivy

204. Love and Hate in Cabot Cove
A crooked deputy’s murder may be the work of a gambling CPA, an illegal casino owner, or the jilted lover of the CPA’s daughter.

Deputy Ethan Loomis – Matthew Flint
Lou Keramides – Richard Beymer
Jason David – Trent Dolan
Sam Bennett – Wings Hauser
Laura Bennett – Penelope Windust
Candace Bennett – Liz Vassey
Chad Macinoy – Adam Trese
Irene Macinoy – Carrie Snodgrass
Deputy Andy Broome – Louis Herthum

205. Murder at a Discount
A man acquitted of murdering his first wife sues Jessica over a novel he claims was based on his story.

Dave Novaro – George Segal
Iris Novaro – Mogan Fairchild
Norman Trent – Sandy Ward
Rachel Novaro – Julianna Margulies
Lillian Conway – Elaine Joyce
Neil Fraser – Sam Anderson
Ted Hartley – Bruce Gray
Rick Konig – John Enos
Jed Collins – Joseph Allsopp
Aaron Woodman – Spencer Garrett
Eli – Darnell Harrison

206. Murder in White
A London stage adaptation of a JB Fletcher novel means curtains for its manipulative producer.

Martin Kramer – Robin Sachs
Glenda Highsmith – Jean Marsh
Mae Shaughnessy – Anne Meara
St. Cloud – Norman Lloyd
Peter Drew – Davis Gaine
Lawson Childress – Ian Ogilvy
Malcolm Brooker – Jim Piddock
Oliver Hopkins – G.W. Stevens
Brett Dilton – Tim Ransom
Inspector Ellen Jarvis – Pauline Brailsford
Inspector Ernest Martindale – Jonathan Wood
Lester Perth – Edward L. Shaff
Sally Briggs – Dedee Pfeiffer
Franklin Smith – Michael Palance

207. Northern Explosion
In the Canadian Rockies, murder heats up a land war between a mining company and a group of Native Americans.

Peter Henderson – Graham Greene
Joe Quill – Ned Romero
George Quill – Brian Frejo
Rick Shipley – Ernie Lively
Brian Wade – Alan Fudge
Sgt. Hilda Dupont – Ana Alicia
Marie Comouche – Marilyn Jones
Hamish McPherson – Jerry Hardin
Bill Nahanee – Shawyn Michael Perry
Corporal Desmond O’Gara – Matt McKenzie
Buzz Berkeley – Scott Plank

208. Proof in the Pudding
Murder is on the menu for an arrogant chef who sells a controlling interest in his new restaurant to a racketeer.

Bernardo Bonelli – John Saxon
Paul Avoncino – Tony Lo Bianco
Lorna Thompson – Heidi Swedberg
Phil Bonelli – Bobby Di Cicco
Jeannine Bonelli – Liza Snyder
Diane Weaver – Valerie Wildman
Alex Weaver – Michael Brandon
Manuel Ramirez – Nick Cori
Det. MacKenzie – Fran Bennett
Timothy Milner – James Ingersoll
Sal Randazzo – Sal Landi

209. Portrait of Death
An artist’s metal sculpture is used to slay an art gallery owner.

Kim Mitchell – Loretta Swit
Philip Jovet – Edward Hibbert
Dr. Swope – Kristoffer Tabori
Bert Lown – David Ackroyd
Mark Mitchell – Taylor Nichols
Mrs. Arthur – Diane Salinger
Frances – Lee Purcell
Teddy Grace – Denise Gentile
Lt. Artie Gelber – Herb Edelman
Det. Henderson – Leonard Lightfoot
Dede Gorman – Bainbridge Scott

210. Deadly Assets
A petty burglary nets an unexpected 900 grand, piques the interest of a Chicago mobster – and prompts a hit on his hit man.

Charlie Garrett – Wayne Rogers
Walter Perry – Matt Mulhern
Sanford Lomax – Frederick Coffin
Celia Terhune – Millie Slavin
Harvey Terhune – Eamonn Roche
Libby Terhune – Rebecca Cross
Joseph Kempinsky – R.D. Call
Oscar James Gandile – Anthony Mangano

211. Murder on the Thirtieth Floor
Plagued by mood swings, Jessica’s editor plunges to his death from the roof of his high-rise office building. But did he jump – or was he pushed?

Edward – Graham – Robert Desiderio
Carrie Benton – Lisa Darr
Steve DiNapoli – Robert Curtis-Brown
Dr. Jerry Santana – Dennis Boutsikaris
Leonard Ambler – Michael Zelniker
Lori Graham – Lisa Wilcox
Ted Hartley – Bruce Gray
Lt. Nick Acosta – Jay Acavone
Donna Kendricks – June Christopher
Henry Filbert – Ray Reinhardt
Mel – Kenneth Magee

212. Time to Die
A graffiti artist is suspected of wiping out his hated stepfather.

Frank Garcia – Robert Beltran
Chris Garcia – William Gallo
Maria Garcia – Marta DuBois
Mario Fernandez – Rudy Ramos
Alida Alvarez – Gladys Jimenez
Sgt. Vic Lofton – Stan Shaw
Tammy Fisher – Brigid Coulter
Joe Mancuso – Ronald G. Joseph
Barbara Fisher – Janet MacLachlan
Manny Castillo – Greg Thomsen

213. The Dying Game
The demise of a venerable department store is also marked by the close-out of its head accountant.

Floyd Larkin – Peter Donat
Maude Gillis – Kate Mulgrew
Bill Maguire – Martin Milner
Clint Hollowell – Harley Venton
Thornton Brewer – Joel Fabiani
Tina Poulos – Mimi Kuzyk
Lt. Allan Terwilliger – Michael Tolan
Ernie Fishman – Andrew Lauer
Henry Wilson – Charles Parks
Shirin Hourani – Musetta Vander
Fritz – Fred D. Scott

214. The Trouble with Seth
Seth suddenly disappears, and there’s evidence that a body was dragged out of his office.

Evan Rafferty – Ben Masters
Julia Harris – Kim Johnston Ulrich
Will Rafferty – Jay Underwood
Connie Anderson – Ann Hearn
Marion Taylor – Katherine Cannon
Jimmy Taylor – Ethan Randall
Dan Castino – Anthony Fasce
Leo Fender – Paul Mantee
Dave Archer – Tim McLaughlin
Neal Kraus – Steve Nevil

215. Roadkill
A member of a truck-hijacking ring ends up as roadkill himself.

Willie Greenwood – Joanna Cassidy
Wayne Platt – Earl Holliman
Rob Platt – Patrick Cassidy
Sam Mercer – Gary Lockwood
Cindy Warrick – Melora Hardin
Sheriff Jim Monday – Dirk Blocker
Deputy Sutton – Heath Kizzier
Juan Ramez – Reni Santoni
Lance Taggart – Robert O’Reilly
Randy Jinks – Whip Hubley
Meg Thomas – Beth Grant
Doctor – Ron Leath

216. A Murderous Muse
A piano prodigy’s imperious mentor is shot to death at the eighty-eights.

Byron Toscarti – Ronald Guttman
Leslie Walden – Jenny Lewis
Hank Walden – Craig Wasson
Vanessa Cross – Pamela Bellwood
Steven Hoyt – Joseph Kell
Owen McLaglen – Robert Knepper
Martin Tribly – Wayne C. Dvorak
Solly Prinze – Matthew Ryan
Richie Kanpinski – Eddie Barth
Lt. Peter DiMartini – Jon Polito

217. Wheel of Death
Someone stabs a carnival magician who had been playing sleight-of-hand with the ticket receipts.

Carl Dormer – Bradford Dillman
Joanna Sims – Cindy Pickett
Don Sims – Charles Siebert
Lisa Farrell – Lisa Lawrence
Richard Binyon – Thom Bierdz
Toby Grant – Judson – Mills
Sherman Hastings – Richardson Morse
Nicodemus “Nicky” Newton – Jimi Defilippis
Carmen – Marie Canals
Gwen – Jennifer Manasseri
Jean O’Neill – Madlyn Rhue
Deputy Andy Broome – Louis Herthum

Sources: TV Guide and The Unofficial Guide to Murder She Wrote by James Robert Parish.

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