The Definitive Guide to Season 11

Season Eleven

218. A Nest of Vipers
The eleventh season opens at a zoo, where a death by snakebite uncovers a virtual nest of human vipers.

Norman Gilford – Jerry Hardin
Bea Huffington – Corinne Bohrer
Joyce Hacker – Susan Blakely
Tad Fraley – Taylor Nichols
Dr. Ray Stinson – John Dye
Joe Gondolph – Dion Anderson
Mark Atwater – David Beecroft
Lt. Gabriel Caceras – Gregory Sierra
Sgt. Nutley – Billy Mayo
Kelly Michaels – Lisa Darr
Jimmy Russell – Glenn Taranto

219. Amsterdam Kill
The kidnapping of a British novelist in Amsterdam leads to a gem of a mystery involving diamond and arms smugglers – and daring intelligence agents

Nigel Allison – Joseph Maher
Philip De Kooning – Richard Lynch
Edward Biddle – Marcus Gilbert
Inspector Van Horn – Theodore Bikel
Harry Tigner – Cliff Emmich
Lydia De Kooning – Leann Hunley
Hendrik Kuyper – Andreas Renell
Walter Burger – Albie Selznick
Nick Halsey – Richard Young
Herr Kronin – Alex Rodine
Muller – Erick Weiss
Monika Vidal – Camillia Soeberg

220. To Kill a Legend
During the filming of a historical documentary in Cabot Cove, the discovery of an incriminating document tarnishes the image of the town’s most famous Revolutionary War hero.

Richard Hawkes – Jeffrey Nordling
Edith Peabody – Gail Strickland
Louise Peabody – Pierrette Grace
Nancy Godfrey – Judith Hoag
Thomas Godfrey – Alan Fudge
Scott Patterson – Todd Eric Andrews
Paul Taverner/Jeffrey Caldwell – Greg Cruttwell
Alexander Sandsby – Jacob Witkin
Dr. Roy Blakely – Whitney Rydbeck
Bob Kendall – Anthony Heald
Amelia Farnum – Molly Hagan

221. Death in Hawaii
Jessica’s Hawaiian vacation is anything but paradise when a candidate with a secret squares off in a dirty election campaign against the son of Jessica’s old friend.

Jeff Kinkaid – Ted W. Henning
Randy Thompson – Tom Hallick
Denny Kinkaid – Robert Duncan McNeill
Liz Dougherty – Gretchen German
Matt Kinkaid – Ken Howard
Rebecca Kincaid – Nina Foch
Brett Reynolds – James F. Kelly
Boone Aldrich – Marty Rackham
Joe Yoshanaga – Steve Park
Detective Sharon Matsumoto – Tamlyn Tomita
Martin Osborn – David Tress
Ben Kamaka – Ata Scanlan

222. Dear Deadly
While Jessica tries to come up with cliffhangers for the serialization of her book in a newspaper, a real-life whodunit plays out in the newsroom.

John Galloway – Laurence Luckinbill
Loretta Lee/Claire Hogan – Eileen Brennan
Harry Mordecai – John Rhys-Davies
Max Charles – Casey Biggs
Alexis Hill – Daphne Ashbrook
Emma Kemp – Kristen Cloke
T.D. – Charles Gunning
Nell Carson – Rosanna Huffman
Troy Higgins – Eric Woodall
Lieutenant Evans – Seth Jaffe

223. The Murder Channel
Jessica and friends tune in to what they believe is an amateurish cable TV mystery, unaware they’re witnessing neighboring thieves planning a major caper on-screen.

Roy Phipps – Dan Ferro
Kitty Colfax – Heidi Kling
Gwen Noble – Jessica Walter
Susan Constable – Perrey Reeves
Leo Kositchek – Don Yesso
Barry Noble – Charles Hallahan
Darlene Farber – Katherine Cressida
Lieutenant Giordano – John Capodice
Rob MacKenzie – Gary Harshberger
Augie Blumbacher – Aaron Lustig
Alex Dorsey – Stephen Quadros
Leah Colfax – Doris Roberts
College professor – Vincent Howard

224. Fatal Paradise
An unexpected romance awaits Chicago P.I. Charlie Garrett on a high-stakes assignment in Martinique.

Charlie Garrett – Wayne Rogers
Dorie Sparling – Cassie Yates
Lauren Delagre – Cynthia Harris
Maurice Delagre – Christopher Allport
Graham Farrow – Stephen Meadows
Norma Willens/Mary Beth Carlson – Anne Lockhart
Melanie Venable – Patricia Barry
Phillip Sparling – Michael Callan
Jeff Delagre – Rodney Eastman
Hilton Venable – Andrew Hill Newman
Sgt. Courbet – Marc Andrew Gomes
Collette – Marie-Alise Recasner

225. Crimson Harvest
The murder of a California vintner’s son uncorks a family feud involving a rival vintner’s plot to buy the financially troubled winery.

Anna Grimaldi – Lainie Kazan
Lars Anderson – Gregg Henry
Pete Grimaldi – Eddie Velez
Alicia Grimaldi – Diane Dilascio
Michele Scarlotti Grimaldi – Elizabeth Gracen
Henry Wilson – David Newsom
Edgar Warner – Robert Pine
Felipe Paez – Leon Singer
Sheriff Serafio Zuniga – Ismael East Carlo
Philipe – Joseph Cali

226. Murder By Twos
Two deaths in Cabot Cove strike Jessica as curious and bring animosities among members of the bowling league to light.

Sam Bryce – Thomas Callaway
Gloria Bryce – Vinessa Shaw
Emily Bryce – Claire Malis Callaway
Terry Deauville – Lise Cutter
Medora Finney – Jennifer Warren
Al Wallace – Chris Mulkay
Imogene Shaughnessy – Bibi Besch
Ollie Rudman – Ben Browder
Harvey Hoffman – Troy Evans
Ron Friendley – Douglas Roberts

227. Murder of the Month Club
A death during the taping of a TV infomercial reveals more than meets the eye about a group of mystery writers and actors on the set.

Mat Matthews – Anthony Zerbe
Joelien Waller – Cec Verrell
Tom Powell – Jeff Conaway
Gina Powell – Gwynyth Walsh
Wade Foster – Ian Ogilvy
Albert Wynn/Jason Bayer Saxon – Gale Hansen
Sara – Kerri Green
Fran – Dena Burton
Stewart Murphy – David E. Elliott
Larry Shields – Patrick Fabian
Lt. Harry Fogel – George DiCenzo
Detective Henderson – Leonard Lightfoot
Ernie – W. Earl Brown

228. An Egg to Die For
A Miami Beach book fair brings to town a Russian cop in search of the thief who stole a golden Faberge egg from the Hermitage Museum.

Sergei Nemiroff – David Ogden Stiers
James Harris – Andrew Robinson
Charles Devon – James Stephens
Marcie Stone Devon – Kaitlin Hopkins
Victor Roscoe – Allan Miller
Leo Stone – Cyril O’Reilly
Valerie Harris – Sara Melson
Ben Peterson – Paul Scherrer
Lt. Perez – Efrain Figueroa
Officer Long – Steve Odill

229. The Scent of Murder
Jessica accompanies Seth to his botanist cousin’s Charleston home, where a murder investigation soon blossoms.

Seth Hazlitt – William Windom
Buford Hazlitt – Dakin Matthews
Rob Hazlitt – Craig Richard Nelson
Kendall Ames – Robert Hooks
Evelyn Colby – Sally Kirkland
Sgt. John Lindley – Tom Mason
Nina Larson – Melanie Smith
Dr. Travis – Walter Bevis
Dan Wilkes – David Byron
Edward Delaney – Greg Callahan
Margaret Barkley – Ann Cusack
Billy Ames – Patrick Y. Malone
Cory Davis – James Staskel
Deputy Tom Ardmore – C. Eric Miles

230. Death 'n Denial
On a trip to Cairo, Jessica becomes unwittingly involved in the smuggling of an ancient Egyptian statuette that everyone from a museum director to an ex-CIA operative is after.

Sally Otterburn – Finn Carter
Rudy Grimes – Steve Inwood
Boyd Venton – James Read
Vanessa Thorpe – Lee Meriwether
Bradford Thorpe – Eric Pierpoint
Inspector Omar Halim – Chaim Jeraffi
Sherif Faris – Turhan Bey
Maura – Jeri Lynn Ryan
Minister of the Interior – Michael A. Saad
Nasar – Jim Pirri

231. Murder in High C
Jessica finds herself crime-solving in the highly intense world of opera while in Genoa, Italy.

Drew Granger – Bruce Abbott
Paul Corelli – Charles Cioffi
Rudolfo Petrocelli
Jonas Cole – John Getz
Andrea Beaumont – Khrystyne Haje
Stella Knight – Carol Lawrence
Carlo Rossi – Pierrino Mascarino
Vicki Lawson – Ely Pouget
Inspector Piero Amato – Lorenzo Caccianza
Doctor – Benito Prezia

232. Twice Dead
Pressured by corporate sponsors, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist fakes his death, then turns up dead for real.

Stuart Hines – Sam Anderson
Liz White – Annie Corley
Lt. Artie Gelber – Herb Edelman
David Randall – Robert Curtis-Brown
Richard Ellston – Bradford Dillman
Walter Pell – Richard Portnow
Dr. Frederick Grundberg – W. Morgan Sheppard
Pamela Lake – Shannon Tweed
Daniel Weldon/Dr. Max Franklin – Bruce Weitz
Officer Rizzoli – Lisa Long

233. Film Flam
A restored, never-released film serves as a catalyst for murder and piracy.

Fritz Randall – John Astin
Darryl Harding – James Caviezel
“Wee” Joan Kemp – Kim Darby
Elaine Brown – Stacy Edwards
Manheim – Howard French
Audrey Young – Kerrie Keane
Carson Robbins – Richard Libertini
Lloyd Nader – Justin Lord
Hank Duncan – William O’Leary
Lt. Gabriel Caceras – Gregory Sierra
Barbie Lippin/Sgt. Barbara Warshawl – Cali Timmins
Boyce Brown – Mike Connors
Scotty – Richard Dano

234. Murder a la Mode
Jessica sews up a murder case that also involves jewel smuggling and seamy sweatshops amid the world of haute couture in Paris.

Carrie Quinn – Ellia Thompson
Thea Vaughn – Maureen Mueller
Paul Vaughn – James Sutorius
Denise Naveau – Natalija Nogulich
Edmond Faragere – Francois Guetary
Claude Faragere – Clifford David
Kim Huan – Yuji Okumoto
Inspector Marc Gautier – Francois Eric Gendron
Dan Morgan – David Garrison
Rick Evans – Daniel Markel

235. The Dream Team
Jessica’s nephew Grady returns to Cabot Cove as part of a team of developers intending to construct a multi-purpose resort/marina complex outside of town.

Grady Fletcher – Michael Horton
Everett Buffum – Frank Converse
Lorna Buffum – Katherine Cannon
J. Peter Carmody – John D’Aquino
Travis Lawder – Richardson Morse
Pauline Higgins – Mary Gordon Murray
Denver Martin – Charles Napier
Toni Simpson – Yvette Nipar
Nosh Farmer – Jay Patterson

236. School for Murder
Jessica lectures at a private prep school near Cabot Cove, where controversy over the naming of the next headmaster rends the faculty and student body into competing factions and incites murder.

Sarah Tyler – Dana Barron
Barbara Desmond – Leslie Bevis
Prof. Harry Matthews – Robert Foxworth
Dr. Myles Purcell – Roy Dotrice
Avery Nugent – Scott Marlowe
Irv Tripler/Joey Marlowe – Richard Minchenberg
Claire Vickers – Maryann Plunkett
Mike Seresino – Ethan Randall
Colin Forbes – Trevor St. John
James Ryerson – Nicolas Surovy

237. Another Killing in Cork
Jessica returns to Ireland and finds herself fighting to stop a mining conglomerate from destroying a beautiful valley near Kilcleer.

Tom Dempsey – Rod Taylor
Kate Dempsey – Bairbre Dowling
Brigid Ahearn – Eleanor Comegys
Shamus Riley – Gerry Gibson
Nellie Ruddy – Carolyn Seymour
Cyril Ruddy/Edward Montgomery – Martin Jarvis
Dennis McSorley – Ross Kettle
Harold Early – James Lancaster
Shauna – Felicia Lansbury
Walter Ickes – Lyman Ward
Freddie Layton – Kent Williams
Laura Maples – Amanda Wyss
Sgt. Terence Boyle – Mark Rolston
Edward Pryce – Francis Guinan

238. Game, Set, Murder
A teenage tennis star who’s beset by nightmares courts trouble by standing up to her domineering father.

Louise Henderson – J.C. Brandy
Lane Henderson – Leon Russom
Andrew Bascombe – Barry Newman
Wendy Maitlin – Alyson Reed
John McCarver – Bobby Hosea
Portia Dekker – Joyce Hyser
Francesca Garcia – Marta Martin
Jamie Carlson – Jonathan Scarfe
Lt. Estelle Garr – Iona Morris

Sources: TV Guide and The Unofficial Guide to Murder She Wrote by James Robert Parish.

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