The Definitive Guide to Season 12

Season Twelve

239. Nailed
A first-rate New York hair stylist, a second story man and a love triangle all figure into the series’ twelfth season opener, set in a fashionable Fifth Avenue beauty salon.

Jimmy Neiman – Wayne Pere
Kathy Stafford – Daphne Ashbrook
Nancy Rayburn – Denise Gentile
Ralph Stafford – John O’Hurley
Antoinette – Leslie Easterbrook
Phoebe Campbell – Rosalind Chao
Madelyn Sweetzer – Carol Kiernan
Steve Burke – Seam O’Bryan
Billy Blake – Michael Woods
Allie Simpson – Eddie Zammit
Diane – Kathy Trageser
Lt. Sam Kriley – Vic Politzos

240. A Quaking in Aspen
In the resort town of Aspen, Colorado, a mountain of evidence seems to be pointing to Jessica’s friend in the suspected murder of her husband.

Laney Sherman Boswell – Leigh Taylor-Young
Charlie Garrett – Wayne Rogers
Anthony Pembroke – Victor Bevine
Darman H. Keene – Scott Valentine
Mr. Vernon/Grant Boswell – Tom Everett
Gina Sherman – Wendy Benson
Sheriff Milo Pike – Kurt Fuller
Sydney Pembroke – Elizabeth Gracen
Olivia Archer – Deborah Lacey
Terry Folger – Gerald McRaney
Nancy Boswell – Leslie Horan
Phil Carmichael – Thom Bierdz

241. The Secret of Gila Junction
A truck-stop bandit menaces a sleepy Arizona town, where the search for hidden treasure in the desert makes for suspicious activities among the residents.

Norma Shey – Dorothy Lyman
Whitney Deaver – Guy Boyd
Pete Menteer – Robert Rusler
Spencer Gates – Jay Underwood
George Creech – Lawrence Bayne
Lawson Parks – Paul Ivy
Dena Harding – Maya McLaughlin
Corley Thompson – Bruce E. Morrow
Tiny Kerns – Douglas Roberts
Cal Harding – Bo Svenson
Marge Deaver – Kari Whitman
Todd Hawkins – Biff Yeager

242. Big Easy Murder
Research for a novel takes Jessica to New Orleans, where she finds herself caught up in a rash of eerie voodoo killings and rumors of a turf war over control of the city’s supper clubs.

Emily Broussard Renwyck – Elizabeth Ashley
Brent Renwyck – Mitchell Ryan
Priscilla Dauphin – Anne-Marie Johnson
Yvette Dauphin – Olivia Cole
Lt. Alex Tibideaux – G.W. Bailey
Cynthia Broussard – Lisa Akey
Jim Nash – Steve Curtis
Frank Roussel – Robert Foster
Vera Welles – Juliette Jeffers
Tom McCray – Brian McNamara
Ralph Danton – Clifton Powell
Mal Carter – Lewis Van Bergen
Charlie – Nick LaTour

243. Home Care
A young nurse under suspicion of possible mercy killings of older patients comes from Boston to Cabot Cove, where Jessica’s friend lies bedridden.

Seth Hazlitt – William Windom
Mort Metzger – Ron Masak
Lila Nolan – Megan Porter Follows
Maggie Saunders – Audra Lindley
Justin Haynes – William Converse-Roberts
Dori Saunders – Stephanie Niznik
Jason Giles – Tom O’Brien
Serena Haynes – Elizabeth Wilson
Sarah McCoy – Frances Bay
Dr. Kyle Adderly – Mark Arnott
Eddie Saunders – Ivanek Zeljko
Henry Post – Ed Nelson
Lucas McCoy – Robert Rothwell
George – James E. Hurd, Jr.
Jean O’Neill – Madlyn Rhue
Andy Broome – Louis Herthum
Reporter – Kathryn Masak
Reporter – John R. Crown

244(a). Nan's Ghost (part 1)
Ghostly apparitions and speculation about hidden treasure follow the mysterious death of a curious young kitchen worker at an Irish castle.

Rory Lanahan – Rod Taylor
Eileen O’Bannon – Fionnula Flanagan
Inspector Arthur Joyce – John Karlen
Dr. John Sullivan – Christopher Neame
Paul Lafferty – James Warwick
Matthew Ryan – Mark Lindsay Chapman
Ian O’Bannon – Ross Kettle
Jack Conroy – John St. Ryan
Jonathan Fisk – James Bartz
Andrea Nader – Leslie Bevis
Deirdre O’Bannon – Edita Brychta
Walter Berkley – Leslie Davis
Vincent Nader – Peter Jason
Leonard – Thomas Kopache
Moira – Felicia Lansbury
Peter Franklin – Raphael Sbarge
Zuleika Brown – Wendy Schaal

244(b). Nan's Ghost (part 2)
Jessica is trapped in the rat-infested dungeon of an ancient Irish castle as she follows clues that might lead to a hidden treasure and ghostly sounds that could be linked to a murderer.

Rory Lanahan – Rod Taylor
Eileen O’Bannon – Fionnula Flanagan
Inspector Arthur Joyce – John Karlen
Dr. John Sullivan – Christopher Neame
Paul Lafferty – James Warwick
Matthew Ryan – Mark Lindsay Chapman
Ian O’Bannon – Ross Kettle
Jack Conroy – John St. Ryan
Jonathan Fisk – James Bartz
Andrea Nader – Leslie Bevis
Deirdre O’Bannon – Edita Brychta
Walter Berkley – Leslie Davis
Vincent Nader – Peter Jason
Leonard – Thomas Kopache
Moira – Felicia Lansbury
Peter Franklin – Raphael Sbarge
Zuleika Brown – Wendy Schaal

245. Shooting in Rome
In Rome, at least one road leads to murder – during a stunt on the set of a movie based on a J.B. Fletcher novel.

Boyce Brown – Mike Connors
Monte Hayes – Bruce Abbott
Kate Danbury – Shawn Weatherly
Gary Hayes – Allen Cutler
Webb Prentiss – Sam Hennings
Lucy Hendrix – Lisa Banes
Raimondo Bonelli – Louis Giambalvo
Jake Farber – Allan Miller
Tomaso Curillo – Antony Ponzini
Rex Toland – Ben Reed
Adrianna Bonelli – Lisa Vultaggio
Inspector Amati – Lorenzo Caccialanza

246. Deadly Bidding
While in New York to bid on a manuscript for a museum, Jessica attends an art auction that draws a collection of forgers, thieves, and shady dealers.

Charlie Garrett – Wayne Rogers
Giles Havelock – Martin Jarvis
Felix Wesker – Craig Richard Nelson
Milt Solomon – Paul Lieber
Sgt. Unger – Tyrees Allen
Diana Barrow – Melanie Smith
Pete Dunning – Jeff Williams
Reggie Evans – Renee Jones
Lawrence Mezznou – Arahron Ipale
Serena Rundle – Kathleen Garrett
Kenneth Rundle – Edd Byrnes
Detective McKenna – Charles Hoyes

247. Frozen Stiff
Jessica aims to get the scoop on murders of executives at an ice cream company that had earmarked funds for her literacy foundation.

Larry Armstrong – Bill Smitrovich
Gary Herling – Dirk Benedict
Susan McGregor – Christina Pickles
Woody Seabrook – Bryan Travis Smith
Sheriff Mike Chubb – Christopher Curry
Carol Herling – Kristen Dalton
Peggy Evans – Ann Hearn
Ralph Brewer – Gregory Itzin
Jim Kenton – George Wyner
Kyle McGregor – Don Bovinglow
Victoria – Sarah Koskoff
Coroner – Red Sanders

248. Unwilling Witness
A tenacious Federal prosecutor investigating a case of stock fraud calls Jessica to testify before a grand jury after finding evidence that a missing executive’s last phone call was to the mystery writer.

Annette Rayburn – Lisa Eichhorn
Paige Corbin – Larry Linville
Mason Logan – Peter White
Ted Duffy – Joel Brooks
Tiffany Beckman – Sydney Walsh
Reed Harding – Shea Farrell
Nicholas Logan – J. Downing
Maria Corbin – Janel Moloney
Lt. Shawn Riley – Stan Ivar
John Wicks – Paul Ivy
US Marshall Morgan – Randall Carver

249. Kendo Kill
When a young woman wants out of a traditional childhood marriage contract to the son of the owner of a Japanese motor company, Jessica steps in when the future husband is found dead.

Nobu Hitaki – Maggie Han
Ikuma Nakata George Kee Cheung
Koji Hitaki – Bruce Locke
Yosuke Ishida – Byron Mann
Akira Hitaki – Pat Morita
Rick Walsh – David Stratton
Bill Dawson – Tom Wopat
Miko Ishida – Vivian Wu
Inspector Ota – James Ishida

250. Death Goes Double Platinum
Jessica arranges for a blind musician to record at the Manhattan U. sound lab, but the release of the group’s first album attracts the attention of unsavory figures from the musician’s past.

Wilson Sloane – Jason Bernard
Max Daniels – Robert Clohessy
Alex Lebron – Nick Corri
Iza Decalde – Rosana DeSoto
Updike – Dee McCafferty
Patricia Decalde – Jacqueline Obradors
Desi Ortega – Tony Plana
Luiz Decalde – Marco Sanchez
Sam Desoto – Ramon Franco
Tomas Aguilar – David Lebiosa
Amy Ortega – Amy Stock-Poynton
Culligan – Ray Young
Lt. Abbe Esposito – Maria O’Brien

251. Murder in Tempo
An electric guitar becomes a murder weapon during rehearsals for a rock concert benefit in Cabot Cove that stars a singer with a bad boy reputation and a host of enemies.

Tommy Vaughn – Keith Coulouris
Wylie Trey – John D’Aquino
Blue Maddox – John Livingston
Jim Maddox – Josh Taylor
Rachel Weldon – Megan Gallivan
Hal Palmer – Ernie Lively
Udella Vaughn – Amy Hathaway
Abner – Lawrence Noel Larsen
Dan – Sam Anderson
Jean O’Neill – Madlyn Rhue
Deputy Andy Broom – Louis Herthum

252. The Dark Side of the Door
Still in the dark about the details of her own childhood kidnapping, a junior book editor seems to find answers in the galley sheets of an award-winning writer’s latest novel.

Erin Garman – Tracy Middendorf
Dirk Mathison – Richard Beymer
Terry Garman Holbert – Marcia Strassman
Mike Holbert – John Oliver
Lt. Corelli – Richard Libertini
Laura Kerwin – Meg Foster
Drew Finley – Taylor Nichols
Detective Rogers – Rodney Frazier
Charles – Dennis Creaghan
Nora Delano – Mary-Pat Green
Erin as a child – Brittny Trouville
Sonny – Michael Tylo

253. Murder Among Friends
All is not friendly among the cast and crew on the set of “Buds,” a TV sitcom about six Generation X-ers.

Ricki Vardian – Cindy Katz
Leo Vardian – Nicolas Surovy
Vince DeNisco – John Terlesky
Timothy Flint – Garrison Hershberger
Dyan Emery – Barbara Alyn Woods
Carly McAllister – Allison Smith
Lt. Roy Flint – Frederick Coffin
Gene Gains – Bill Brocktrup
Rosemary Tynan – Robin Curtis
Alex Bower – Cameron Dye
Joy – Terri Hanauer

254. Something Foul in Flappieville
Someone is pulling strings to profit from a young puppet designer’s latest creation.

Darren Crosley – Stephen T. Kay
Robbie Dorow – Robert Knepper
Jason Cardino – Steven Martini
Parker Foreman – Bryan Cranston
Mary Dorow – Dey Young
Arvin Buckwell – Richardson Morse
Helena McKenna – Corinne Bohrer
Nattie Holt – Maryedith Burrell
Terry Fusco – Richard Dano
Gus Hayward – Alan Fudge
Carol – Wendy Hoffman
Kim Swatner – Kimberley Kates
Lt. Spevak – Brian Cousins
Stevie – Ian Shaw

255. Track of a Soldier
A diamond thief and a retired colonel with a haunted past make for high drama – and murder – at a guest lodge in the Tetons.

Ellen Levering – Linda Kelsey
Pete Levering – Brandon Douglas
Lloyd Nichols – Fredric Lane
Howard Levering – Wings Hauser
Greta Bayer – Audrey Landers
Arthur Wainwright – Stephen Macht
Sheriff Jed Bullock – Ben Lemon
Marla Hastings – Katherine Olsen
Harley Foote – Michael Zelniker
Luisa – Vaitiare Bandera
Juan – James Victor

256. Evidence of Malice
During a murder investigation, Deputy Andy emerges as the one person with a motive to frame the prime suspect in the killing.

Andy Broom – Louis Herthum
Fred Berrigan – Vyto Ruginis
Wendy Arnold – Colleen Coffey
Meg Berrigan – Stephanie Dunnam
Craig Haber – Lawrence Monoson
Hannah Perkins – Monica Parker
Patty – Jennifer Parsons
George Perkins – Tim Ransom
Leverett Boggs – Peter Stader
Dean Sorenson – Mark Voland
Isaac – Rick Lenz
Deputy Kenneth – Tyler Robert Owen
Deputy Caleb – Jack T. Wright

257. Southern Double-Cross
In remote Australia, Jessica becomes the catalyst for a clash between sheep owners and miners.

Melba Drummond – Briony Behets
Roo Drummond – Peter Lavin
Tim Jarvis – Nick Tate
John Marlin – Donald Burton
Ronda Brock – Lisa Darr
Linda Marlin – Sofia Formica
Tim Darby – Spencer Garrett
Boyd Hendrix – Trevor Goddard
Sgt. Colin Baxter – Alaistair Duncan
Donald Jarvis – Kendrick Hughes
Bartender – John Garwood

258. Race to Death
A murder during preparations for a yacht race in Cabot Cove portends rough seas for a millionaire yachtsman and a rival skipper.

Kyle Kimball – John Getz
Anne Larkin – Andrea Parker
Ned Larkin – Steve Forrest
Jon Vandervelt – Christopher Buchholz
Tommy Larkin – Curtis Blanck
Bill Richards – Dwier Brown
Alana Kimball – Kate Hodge
Adm. Len Spalding – Martin Milner
Steve Gantry – Rick Rossovich

259. What You Don't Know Can Kill You
The “accidental” death of a local landscaper plants suspicions in the mind of his fiancιe – Seth’s niece, who had returned to Cabot Cove to marry.

Johnny Carter – William Keane
Amy Walters – Cari Shayne
Les Franklin – Anthony Michael Hall
Sherri Sampson – Laurie Holden
Tom Sampson – Jerry Hardin
Mickey – Michele Abrams
Jeremy Woods – Bruce Kirby
Roger Yates – Geoffrey Lewis
Stu Yates – Will Foster Stewart
Doreen – Kathryn Morris
Deputy Andy – Louis Herthum
Deputy Olsen – Kathryn Masak

260. Mrs. Parker's Revenge
In Atlanta, Jessica is drawn into a clandestine operation involving a killer virus, national security agents and a ruthless arms broker.

Mark Riesner – Gregg Henry
Ed Crider – William O’Leary
Dr. James Lamont – Time Winters
Nathan Mitchell – Tony Todd
Dennis Quinlan – Peter Van Norden
Lt. Paul Bragg – Greg Allen Williams
Raul Jaffa – Erick Avari
Karen Riesner – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Carl Van Ness – Gustav Vintas

261. Death By Demographics
The series’ final episode focuses on the upheaval at a San Francisco radio station that’s trying to pull the plug on its aging format – and staffers.

Howard Deems – David Ogden Stiers
Russell Connell – James Acheson
T.T. Baines – Christian Bocher
Annie Lawson – Diana Canova
Bud Forbes – Robert Curtis-Brown
Eddie Mapes – Paul Linke
Graham Forbes – Robert Pine
Dave Pittman – Kenneth Tigar
Lauren Hayward – Lucinda Weist
Colleen Sellers – Robin Riker
Lieutenant Everett – Seth Jaffe

Sources: TV Guide and The Unofficial Guide to Murder She Wrote by James Robert Parish.

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