The Definitive Guide to Season 3

Season Three

45a. Death Stalks the Big Top (part 1)
Jessica’s niece receives a gift from her grandfather – a man long thought to be dead – which leads Jessica to a small town circus beset by accidents and murder.

Neil Fletcher – Jackie Cooper
Edgar Carmody – Martin Balsam
Brad Kaneally – Greg Evigan
Katie McCallum – Pamela Susan Shoop
Sheriff Len Childs – Gregg Henry
Mayor Anson Powers – Ronny Cox
Hank Sutter – Charles Napier
Preston Bartholomew – Alex Cord
Charlie McCallum – Joey Cramer
Maria Morgana – Florence Henderson
Maylene Sutter – Lee Purcell
Ray Carmody – Mark Shera
Harry Kingman – Joe Dorsey
Carol Bannister – Courtney Cox
Audrey Bannister - Susan Brown
Howard Bannister - Dennis Howard
Constance Fletcher – Laraine Day

45b. Death Stalks the Big Top (part 2)
Despite her brother-in-law’s confession, Jessica refuses to believe he killed the circus foreman.

Neil Fletcher – Jackie Cooper
Edgar Carmody – Martin Balsam
Brad Kaneally – Greg Evigan
Katie McCallum – Pamela Susan Shoop
Sheriff Len Childs – Gregg Henry
Mayor Anson Powers – Ronny Cox
Hank Sutter – Charles Napier
Preston Bartholomew – Alex Cord
Charlie McCallum – Joey Cramer
Maria Morgana – Florence Henderson
Maylene Sutter – Lee Purcell
Ray Carmody – Mark Shera
Harry Kingman – Joe Dorsey
Carol Fletcher – Courtney Cox
Constance Fletcher – Laraine Day

46. Unfinished Business
Jessica helps Seth, who is a suspect in a ten year old murder case.

Sheriff Bill McCoy - J.D. Cannon
Gary Roberts - E. Erich Anderson
Dr. Terrence Mayhew - Lloyd Bochner
Jake Sanford - Don DeFore
Barney Kale - Pat Hingle
Cynthia Tate - Hayley Mills
Maggie Roberts - Erin Moran
Ethel - Connie Sawyer
Deputy Roy - Philip Clark

47. One White Rose for Death
Jessica becomes an unwilling hostage of political espionage and defection. And who put her there? British MI6 agent Michael Hagarty, of course.

Michael Hagarty - Len Cariou
Margo Claymore - Jenny Agutter
Henry Claymore - Tony Bonner
Greta Mueller - Maria Mayenzet
Franz Mueller - John Glover
Dr. Lynch - Michael Anderson, Jr.
Andrew Wyckham - Bernard Fox
Jack Kendall - Warwick Sims

48. Corned Beef and Carnage
Jessica wants to know who’s got the beef against a murdered adman who had a shaky fast food chain account.

Victoria Griffin – Genie Francis
Howard Griffin – Jeff Conaway
Christine Clifford – Susan Anton
Seymour Biddle – Peter Haskell
Aubrey Thornton – David Ogden Stiers
Jim Ingram – Warren Bertinger
Myron Kincaid – Bill Macy
Larry Kincaid – Richard Kline
Lieutenant Spoletti – James Sloyan
Deli clerk – Phil Rubenstein
Grover Barth - Ken Swofford
Polly Barth - Marcia Wallace

49. Dead Man's Gold
A young diver is murdered in a search for sunken treasure off the coast of Cabot Cove.

David Everett – Leslie Nielsen
Colby Russell – J. Eddie Peck
Gregory Small – Ian Ruskin
Bill Ainsley – John Laughlin
Susan Ainsley – Wendy Kilbourne
Larry Gaynes – Grant Goodeve
Alexandra Bell – Julia Montgomery
Ross Barber - Sean McClory
Gregory Small - Ian Ruskin

50. Deadline for Murder
A veteran reporter felled by a coronary says that the only medicine that will help him is his publisher’s “head on a plate” for turning the newspaper into a smear sheet. He gets his medicine.

Haskell Drake – Harry Guardino
Billy Simms – Eugene Roche
Clyde Thorson – William Smith
Kay Garrett – Sydney Walsh
Walter Revere – Tim O’Connor
Perry Revere – Ken Olin
Lamar Bennett – Peter Mark Richman
Lt. Caruso - Gretchen Corbett
Sgt. Tierney - Morgan Jones
Eleanor Revere - Katherine Cannon
Dr. Framer - Tom Henschel

51. Magnum on Ice
(part 1, Novel Connection, appeared first on Magnum, PI)
An episode that began on “Magnum P.I” concludes as Jessica offers to assist Magnum, who is charged with killing a hit man whose target is still unknown.

Jonathan Higgins – John Hillerman
Pamela Bates – Dorothy Loudon
Joan Fulton – Jessica Walter
Amy Salyer – Stephanie Faracy
Jason Bryan – John McMartin
Victor Salyer – Andrew Prine
Captain Frank Browning – Ramon Bieri
Arthur Houston – Jared Martin
Jason Bryan - John McMartin
Lt. Tanaka - Kwan Hi Lim

52. Obituary for a Dead Anchor
Jessica’s beloved Cabot Cove is placed under the spotlight and in front of the camera when a television producer of popular news show is murdered.

Dr. Wylie Graham - Robert Hogan
Mayor Sam Booth - Richard Paul
Ronald Ross - Frank Anneses
Kevin Keats - Chad Everett
Judith Keats - Abby Dalton
Richard Abbott - Robert Lipton
Paula Roman - Kathleen Lloyd
Doug Helman - Robert Pine
Gerald Foster - Erik Stern
Nick Brody - Mark Stevens
George Fish - Rex Robbins
Amos Tupper - Tom Bosley

53. Stage Struck
The reunion of two once-married stars in a Broadway-bound comedy is marred by the onstage murder of the leading lady’s understudy.

Maggie Tarrow – Eleanor Parker
Julian Lord – Edward Mulhare
Alexander Preston – Dan O’Herlihy
Pru Mattson – Christopher Norris
T.J. Holt – Donald Most
Chief Merton Drock – John Schuck
Larry Matthews – Shea Farrel
Barbara Bennington – Ann Turke
Eddie Bender - Bob Hastings
Nicky Saperstein - John Pleshette

54. Night of the Headless Horseman
The riding instructor at an academy is unwittingly and unluckily prescient when he disguises himself as Washington Irving’s headless horseman to harass his rival, a lovelorn poet.

Dorian Beecher – Thom Bray
Sheriff Rankin – Doug McClure
Dorn Van Stotter – Guy Stockwell
Dr. Penn Walker – Charles Siebert
Sarah Dupont – Karlene Crockett
Edwin Dupont – Fritz Weaver
Charlotte Newcastle – Hope Lange
Nate Findley – Barry Williams
Todd Caruer - Brandon Douglas

55. The Corpse Flew First Class
Robbery and murder fly first class to London as a jet setter’s diamond necklace is stolen and the bodyguard who was carrying it is poisoned.

Inspector Errol Pogson – David Hemmings
Sonny Greer – Kate Mulgrew
Kay Davis – Robin Dearden
Louis Metcalf - Gene Nelson
Mrs. Metcalf - Mary Jo Catlett
Mr. Stegmeyer - Charles Davis
Mrs. Miley - Crystal Jenious
Mr. Miley - Don Maharry
Fred Jenkins - Andrew Parks
Dr. Cliff Strayhorn - John S. Ragin
Elizabeth Welch - Lee Sargent
John Kitamura - James Shigeta
Leon Bigard - Mark Venturni
Otto Hardwick - Robert Walker
Blanton - Vince Howard
Carney - Charles Hoyes

56. Crossed Up
Bedridden with a bad back, Jessica overhears a phone conversation about a murder planned for that night.

Morgan Rogers – Sandy McPeak
Gordon Rogers – Tony Dow
Adam Rogers – James Carroll Jordan
Leslie Cameron – Stephanie Dunnam
Dody Rogers – Colleen Camp
Abel Gorcy - Henry Brandon
Mona – Gisele MacKenzie
Deputy Charlie Wells - James McIntire
Grady Fletcher - Michael Horton

57. Murder in a Minor Key
The home viewer is Jessica’s guest as she narrates her latest novel about a law student who turns sleuth to help a composer friend accused of killing the professor who plagiarized his music.

Chad Singer - Shaun Cassidy
Michael Prescott - Paul Clemens
Jenny Coopersmith – Dinah Manot
Prof. Tyler Stoneham – George Grizzar
Prof. Harry Papazian – Rene Auberjonois
Christine Stoneham – Karen Grassle
Max Hellinger – Herb Edelman
Vice Chancellor Simon – Tom Hallick
Reagen Miller – Jennifer Holmes
Alexander Simon - Tom Hallick
Ray Parnell - Alexander Henteloff
Danny Young - Scott Jacoby
Templeton - Stephen Swofford
Pauline - Paris Vaughn

58. The Bottom Line is Murder
An unethical TV consumer advocate is murdered, a man no more loved by his colleagues than by the victims of his venom.

Steve Honig – Robert F. Lyons
Jayne Honig – Judith Chapman
Robert Warren – Morgan Stevens
Lynnette Bryant – Adrienne Barbeau
Joe Rinaldi – Joe Santos
Lt. Lou Flannigan – Barry Corbin
Ryan Monroe – Brian Matthews
Kenneth Chambers – Rod McCary
Clare Henley – Pat Klous
Bert Tanaka – George Takei

59. Death Takes a Dive
Jessica’s old friend Harry McGraw, a P.I. turned hustler, is accused of sending a fight promoter down for the final count.

Harry McGraw – Jerry Orbach
Blaster Boyle – Harold Sylvester
Dennis McConnell – Bradford Dillman
Dave Robinson – LeVar Burton
Sean Shilleen – Michael McGrady
Cosmo Ponzini – Ernest Borgnine
Pam Collins – Lynne Moody
Lois Ames – Caren Kaye
Doc Penrose – John Amos
Wade Talmadge – Adam West
Lt. Casey - Ray Girardin
Sanchez - Richard Bravo

60. Simon Says, Color Me Dead
An artist is murdered and a painting which he kept under wraps but considered his finest is missing.

Simon Thane – Foster Brooks
Irene Rutledge – Tess Harper
Eleanor Thane – Diane Baker
Cash Logan – Steve Inwood
George Selby – Dick Sargent
Carol Selby – Ann Dusenberry
Felix Casslaw – Leonard Frey
Tommy Rutledge – Chris Hebert
Deputy Collins - Phillip Clark
Martha Sommers - Daryl Wood

61. No Laughing Matter
Somebody’s dead after an engagement party for the children of a long-estranged comedy duo.

Murray Gruen – Buddy Hackett
Mack Howard – Steve Lawrence
Kip Howard – George Clooney
Corrie Gruen – Beth Windsor
Farley Pressman – George Furth
Wylie B. Ledbetter – David Knell
Norma Lewis – Sheree North
Phil Rinker – Arte Johnson
Edie Howard – Pat Crowley
Henrietta - Alice Nunn
Al - Daniel Chodes

62. No Accounting for Murder
Jessica’s nephew Grady can’t account for being suspected in the murder of his CPA boss, a tax shelter specialist being investigated by the IRS for tax fraud.

Grady Fletcher – Michael Horton
Paul Carlisle – James Noble
Lt. Timothy Hanratty – Barney Martin
Lester Grinshaw – Geoffrey Lewis
Marty Giles – Ron Masak
Lana Whitman – Patricia McCormick
Ralph Whitman – Michael Tolan
Connie Norton – Kate Vernon
Sophie Ellis – Dorothy Lamont
The Phantom - Paul Comi
Sophie - Dorothy Lamour
Harry Caldwell - Thom McFadden

63. The Cemetery Vote
The probing father of a small town reform mayor killed in an “accident” suspects foul play, and is murdered in turn.

Sheriff Orville Yates – Ed Lauter
Linda Stevens – Ellen Bry
Deputy Wayne Beeler – Jef Yagher
David Carroll – Bruce Davison
Kate Gunnerson – Marie Windsor
Captain Ernest Lenko – Mitchell Ryan
Cindy March – Charlene Tilton
George McDaniel – Joseph Campanella
Harry Stevens – John McLiam
Rita – Katherine DeHetre
Ernest Lenko (Idaho State Police) - Mitchell Ryan
Gil Stokes - Dick Balduzzi

64. The Days Dwindle Down
Jessica tries to prove the innocence of a man recently released from a 30-year prison term for the murder of his employer. Scenes from the black and white movie the episode follows up on, “Strange Bargain,” are seen in flashbacks.

Sam Wilson – Jeffrey Lynn
Georgia Wilson – Martha Scott
Rod Wilson – Art Hindle
Sidney Jarvis – Richard Beymer
Lt. Webb (Ret.) – Harry Morgan
Dorothy Herne-Davis – Susan Strasberg
Thelma Vante – June Havoc
Edna Jarvis – Gloria Stuart
Lt. Sharp - Russ Marin
Jerry Wilson - Debbie Zipp

65. Murder, She Spoke
While Jessica is recording one of her mysteries for a series serving the blind, a brief power failure results in a blackout – and the murder of the studio co-owner.

Greg Dalton – William Atherton
Stoney Carmichael – Charlie Daniels
Sally Carmichael - Jonna Lee
Carl Anglin – Michael Callan
Al Parker – Fredric Lehne
Margaret Whitworth – Constance Towers
Randy Whitworth – Patrick Wayne
Nancy Dalton – Wendy Phillips
Lieutenant Faraday – G.W. Bailey
Earl Tuchman – Michael Cole

Sources: TV Guide and The Unofficial Guide to Murder She Wrote by James Robert Parish.

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