The Definitive Guide to Season 6

Season Six

109. Appointment in Athens
The sixth season opener finds Jessica in Athens, where the charming if duplicitous British agent Michael Haggerty persuades her to pose as his wife in an operation to free a fellow agent from kidnappers.

Michael Haggerty – Len Cariou
Harold Baines – Ian Ogilvy
Colonel Alec Scofield – Richard Todd
Madge Scofield – Sybil Lines
Pamela Drake – June Chadwick
Dimitri Popadopalous – Thom Christopher
Monsieur Le Bon – Anthony Gordon
Laddie Fairchild – John McCafferty
Henryk Stuyvesant – Peter Van Norden
Sgt. Petrakas – Steve Inwood

110. Seal of the Confessional
A priest is bound by the seal of the confessional to reveal nothing of a parishioner’s admission to a killing in self-defense.

Father Donald Barnes – Hunt Block
Evan West – Jon Cedar
Kelly Barrett – Jennifer Runyon
Doris Barrett West – Madlyn Rhue
Jack Hutchings – Robert Horton
Eddie Frayne – Lance Kerwin
George Woodward – Allan Feinstein
Marilyn North – Bonnie Bartlett
Owner of Jimmie’s Restaurant – Mimi Cozzens
Joe – Jerry Potter
Floyd – Will Nye

111. The Grand Old Lady
The death of the grande dame of mystery writers moves Jessica to recall a 1947 case in which the lady was personally involved: the stabbing of a former Gestapo officer aboard the Queen Mary.

Lady Abigail Austin – June Havoc
Christy McGinn – Gary Kroeger
Edwin Chancellor – Robert Vaughn
Captain Oliver – Paxton Whitehead
Major McGuire – Gordon Thomson
Arthur Bishop – Henry Polic, II
Peter Daniken – Wolf Muser
Harry Krumholtz – Floyd Levine
Paul Viscard – Mark Lindsey Chapman
Henry Viscard – Dane Clark
Nicholas Crane – Donald Craig
Lt. Martin McGinn – John Karlen
Eleanor – Joan McMurtrey
Mr. Bellows – Aubrey Morris
Lennihan – James Stephens
Doctor – Derek Partridge
Nurse – Joe Staton

112. The Error in Her Ways
The case seems closed when Jessica fingers the wife of a Palm Springs developer as his killer and the woman commits suicide. But a question remains: where is the $3 million he apparently embezzeled?

Lt. Hanna – Elliott Gould
Marian Randall – Kathy Cannon
Kay Weber – Barbara Parkins
Ward Silloway – Marshall Thompson
Linda Dixon – Marilyn Jones
Sterling Rose – Paul Gleason
Pauline Byrne – Susan Blakely
Emmett Barry – Monty Bane
Fontana – Terence Beasor
Alden – Peter MacLean
Officer Kreuger – Louis Herthum
Doctor – Thomas H. Middleton

113. Jack and Bill
A football star turned gumshoe dog-sits a precocious pet for a friend who is subsequently murdered, left clutching three IV bags.

Bill Boyle – Ken Howard
Lt. Lou Brickman – Pat Harrington
Andy Brickman – Claude Dunkelman
Marge Brickman – Rosanna Huffman
Brenda Brickman – Courtney Sonne
Celia Jainter – Susan Anton
Johnny Wheeler/Bruce Forrester – Max Baer
President Ruiz – Nate Esformes
Earl Browder – Glynn Turman
Mona – Ellen Travolta
Cricket – Alexander Folk
Maria – Rose Portello
Hastings – Whitney Rydbeck
Sugarman – Warren Berlinger
Sportscaster – Lisa Donaldson Bowman

114. Dead Letter
A volunteer fireman is found dead in a torched furniture store on the very day that Jessica had given him a dead letter discovered in an old bureau she bought at a rummage sale.

Bud Fricksey – Jonathan Goldsmith
Lois Fricksey – Susan Anspach
Stanley Holmes – Max Gail
Carl Wilson – Al Waxman
Connie Kowalski – Robin Riker-Hasley
Fred Owens – George Furth
Agnes – Rosemary DeCamp
Ron Stiller – Peter Fox
Floyd – Will Nye
Sam Booth – Richard Paul
Everett – Kevin Bourland
Jack – Stuart Nelson
Aaron – Richard Riehle

115. Night of the Tarantula
In Jamaica, murder ensues after the heir to a plantation marries the daughter of an obeah priest, dashing hopes of reuniting two old plantation families and triggering a voodoo curse of death.

Adam Waverly – Patrick Masset
Mark Waverly – James Lancaster
Harry Waverly – John Rhys-Davies
Olivia Waverly – Shani Wallis
Selina Williams Waverly – Nancy Valens
Calder Williams – Ji-Tu
George Gordon – Grand L. Bush
Michelle Dusant – Cheryl Arutt
Jean-Pierre Dusant – Hurd Hatfield
Dr. Hayes – Obaka Adedunyo
Sgt. Jones – Darrow Igus
Servant – Christopher Sullivan

116. When the Fat Lady Sings
A famous opera tenor suffers a heart attack after shooting, purportedly in self-defense, the man he warned to stay away from his young protιgι.

Dennis Stanton – Keith Michell
Rosanno Bertolucci – Theodore Bikel
Silvana Bertolucci – Carol Lawrence
Maria Dexler – Kathleen Beller
Girogio Russo – Leo Damean
Barry Sanderson – Mark Herrier
Teresa Mancini – Lila Kaye
Lou Faraday – James Short
Customs Agent Dixon – Tom Van Hoof
Lt. Birnbaum – Jerry Stiller
Doctor – Tom Tarpey
Howard – Walter Olkewicz
Stage Manager – Tom Kendall

117. Test of Wills
A lumber tycoon invites Jessica to his island retreat to find out which greedy heir is trying to kill him – successfully, it turns out, on the night she arrives.

Henry Reynard – Gene Barry
Valery Reynard – Cassie Yates
Jason Reynard – Keir Dullea
Alice Carson – Marj Dusay
Preston Howard – John Callahan
Kimberly – Jill Carroll
Dr. Hubbard Dabney – Philip Abbott
Mrs. Forrest – Victoria Booth
Sheriff Brademus – Morgan Woodward
Sgt. Stokley – Jeremy Roberts
Pilot – H. Ray Huff
Forrest – Curt Lowers

118. Class Act
A homicide detective is transferred to a small university as a criminology teacher to get him off an officially closed murder case, so he turns the case into a project for his class – two students.

Lt. Amos Jason “Jake” Ballinger – Barry Newman
Jane Ballinger – Heather McAdam
Senator Andrew Grainger – Robert Pine
Bernie Berndlestein – Grant Heslov
Elizabeth Mills – Lise Hilboldt
Colin Hale – Robert Lipton
Joanne Summerfield – Elinor O’Connell
Dean Howard Cogden – Robert Casper
Leo Gunderson – William Brocktrup
Anna Gunderson – Gloria Cromwell
Sister Maria – Christina Hart
Moira McShane – Hallie Todd
Sam Kendall – Garry Walberg
Senator’s secretary – Vicki Lynne Davis
Captain Joe Rawlings – Gerald S. O’Loughlin

119. Town Father
Bachelor mayor Sam is challenged by a pro-development candidate in an election that’s murder, particularly for the young woman who shows up claiming that Sam fathered her five children.

Sam Booth – Richard Paul
Horton Thayer – John Considine
Winifred Thayer – Holland Taylor
Annie Mae Chapman – Lee Purcell
Milton Overguard – Basil Hoffman
Ebenezer McEnery – Orson Bean
Howard – William Lanteau
Loretta Spiegel – Ruth Roman
Eve Simpson – Julie Adams
Phyllis Grant – Gloria DeHaven
Ideal Malloy – Kathryn Grayson
Corinne – Sally Klein
Mabel – Phyllis Franklin
Fulton – Charlie Woolf

120. Good-bye, Charlie
Jessica narrates the plot of her latest novel, a story about a PI and his wife trying to prove that a mangled body found on a railroad track is the PI’s uncle, who’s become heir to a fortune after freeloading off them for years and then dropping out of sight.

Frank Albertson – Bryan Cranston
Sunny Albertson – Faith Ford
Doreen Albertson – Tessa Richards
Lyle Coogan – Don Brunner
Buck Mahoney – Michael Callan
Tillie Bascomb – Lise Cutter
Clarence Dobkin – Ronny Graham
Charles Kenneth Albertson – David Huddleston
Marcia Mae Bailey – Lisa Melilli
Raymond Fleischer – Scott Palmer
Lon Ainsley – Robin Bach
Jack Imoto – Clyde Kusatsu
Sheriff Ed Ten Eyck – Bill Mayer
Jake – Ernie Lively

121. If the Shoe Fits ...
A factory worker struggling to make ends meet for herself and her son is charged with doing in the lecherous landlord who was forever trying to do her wrong.

Marla Bryce – Season Hubley
Kevin Bryce – Jonathan Brandis
Jack Franzen – Bruce Glover
Glora Franzen – Bridget Hanley
Owen Brownwell – John Harkins
Patsy Dumont – Lorna Luft
Danny Snow – Kiel Martin
Lee McAdam – Paige Pengra
Lydia Johansen – Teri Ralston
Floyd – Will Nye
Post Office Clerk – Dane Winters
Nurse – Edwina Moore

122. How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying
Someone makes a killing on Wall Street, and the victim is Jessica’s stockbroker.

Gordon Tully – David Groh
Norma Pulaski – Lela Ivey
Jerome Ashcroft – Farley Granger
Candice Ashcroft – Morgan Brittany
Rudy Bianco – Joe Maruzzo
Buddy Black – Barry Van Dyke
Sid Hooper – Edd Byrnes
Philip Royce – John Calvin
Lt. Moynihan – Kevin Tighe
Receptionist – Connie Danese
Superintendent – Vinny Argiro
Gino – Tony Brafa

123. The Fixer-Upper
Jessica’s real estate broker niece arrives at a mansion to meet a buyer – and finds the seller dead.

Howard Griffin – Dean Butler
Victoria Griffin – Genie Francis
Det. Lt. Redick – Chad Everett
Arnold Hastings – Dack Rambo
Clair Hastings – Vicki Frederick
Seymour Densch – Marty Ingels
Alex Burton – George Maharis
Kevin Tarkington – Ken Olandt
Deborah Tarkington – Jode Winter
Didi Blair – Brenda Vaccaro
Medical Examiner – Jonathan Palmer
Police Doctor – Murray Leaward

124. The Big Show of 1965
Jessica is swept into a 25-year-old unsolved murder case by a variety show comic haunted by a mysterious woman in black.

Lee Haley – Anne Francis
Cathy Haley – Elaine Joyce
Marge Haley – Connie Stevens
Sharon King – Joy Garrett
Art Sommers – Gavin McLeod
Ozzie Gerson – Donny Most
Barry Barnes – Donald O’Connor
Joel Roth – John Rubinow
Richie King – Kim Strauss
Sid Lyman – Timothy Williams
Scott Fielding – Jeff Yagher
Lt. John Meyerling – Michael Cole
Ret. Sgt. “Bulldog” Kowalski – Sheldon Leonard
Head Nurse – Isabel Cooley

125. Murder, According to Maggie
A cop show producer turns murder investigator after someone terminates the network programmer who was about to cancel her series.

Margaret Mary McCauley – Diana Canova
Leo Kaplan – Paul Kreppel
Phil Dooley – Greg Norberg
Julie Pritzer – Talia Balsam
Harriet De Yol – Ann Morgan Guilbert
Brian Thursdan – Dwayne Hickman
Dana Darren – Leann Hunley
Andy Butler – Bruce Kirby
Keith Carmody – Gary Sandy
“Burnsie” Burnsale – Ben Slack
Bert Rodgers – Tim Thomerson
Vi – Miriam Flynn
Al – Tom Troupe
Lt. Vincent Palermo – Denis Arndt
Projectionist – Vince Howard

126. O'Malley's Luck
To a hard-nosed Irish detective, the presumed suicide of a real estate mogul’s wife is malarkey.

Lt. James Ignatius O’Malley – Pat Hingle
Captain Sam Cohen – Phillip Sterling
Roland Trent – Ron Leibman
Gretchen Trent – Ellen Barnett
Alice Montrose – Carolyn Seymour
Cindy Marsh – Pamela Brown
Paul G. Abbott – Kames Carroll Jordan
David Kingston – Nicholas Pryor
Det. Sgt. Vinnie Grillo – Jay Acavone
Officer Frances Xavier Rawley – Stacy Edwards
Det. Rush – Howard Schechter
Ruth – Francesca P. Roberts

127. Always a Thief
Dennis Stanton returns to use his skills as an ex-thief to probe a theft – and two murders.

Dennis Stanton – Keith Michell
Robert Butler – James Sloyan
Lt. Perry Catalano – Ken Swofford
Rhoda Markowitz – Hallie Todd
Lanny Douglas – Roscoe Born
Monica Douglas – Dina Merrill
Ray Bascomb – Ed Nelson
Andrea Bascomb Douglas – Lisa Blount
Mahmoud Amini – Ipale Aharon
Jody Freeman – Chris Mulkey
Grace Lambert – Shirley Knight
Phyllis – Virginia Hawkins
Deirdre – Jill Jaress
Pedro – Marco Lopez
Photographer – Mitch Hara

128. Shear Madness
Jessica’s cousin has a grim feeling of dιjΰ vu when her fiance is murdered just before their wedding – and just after the release of her brother, a mental patient confined to an institution for a similar killing 15 years before.

Ann Owens Arden – Shirley Jones
Helen Owens – Doris Roberts
George Owens – Robert Walker
Rosemary Taylor – Barbara Babcock
Prof. Nathan Rollins – Loren Blackwell
Bill Spencer – Sandy McPeak
Reverend Simmons – Bryan O’Byrne
Meg Taylor – Linda Grovenor
Dr. Henry Carlson – Dennis Christopher
Sheriff Barnes – William Lucking
Bus Driver – Daniel Bryan Cartmell
Caterer – Yolanda Lloyd

129. The Szechuan Dragon
Grady and Donna enjoy house-sitting for Jessica in Cabot Cove ... until a mysterious old seafarer is killed in her living room.

Grady Fletcher – Michael Horton
Donna Fletcher – Debbie Zipp
Connie Lewis – Elinor Donahue
Stanley Lewis – Bernie Coulson
Captain Herbert Malachi – Gordon Ross
Nick Zavakis – Ramon Bieri
Kris Karas – Cliff Osmond
Carla Thyssen – Belinda Bauer
Justin Hunnicut – David Warner
The Cambodian – James Lew
Fred – Doug Du Val
Phoebe – Maura Spencer-Reed

130. The Sicilian Encounter
In Sicily, British agent Michael Haggerty poses as a monsignor in a caper involving crosses upon double-crosses.

Michael Haggerty – Len Cariou
Gino Carboni – Robert Miranda
Mario Carboni – George DiCenzo
Claudia Carboni/Jennifer Page – Deirdre Hall
Father Anselmo – Ralph Manza
Peter Baines – Ian Ogilvy
Barton – Daniel Trent
Chief Daniel Trent – John Standing
Korstrack – Daniel Douglas Anderson
Antonio – Vincent Baggetta
Llewelyn – James Garrett
Priest – Joseph Cali
Bank Clerk – Stephen Poletti
Pilot – Ralph DeLia
Tailor – Anthony DeFonte

Sources: TV Guide and The Unofficial Guide to Murder She Wrote by James Robert Parish.

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