The Definitive Guide to Season 9

Season Nine

175. Murder in Milan
The ninth season opens at an Italian film festival marked by the murder of a hard-nosed producer unwilling to release her talented young director from his contract.

Catherine Webb – Susan Blakely
Jim Randall – Gary Kroeger
Louise Thayer – Leah Pinsent
Tom Hiller – Robert Desiderio
Andrew Thayer – George Coe
Steve Morrison – Paul Gleason
Marcello Arbruzzi – Cesar Romero
Paul Crenshaw – Robert Harper
Giorgio – Time Winters
Inspector Lombardo – George DiCenzo

176. Family Secrets
A Cabot Cove native son returns to research a book on a 30-year-old killing – and fatefully ignores all warnings to drop the project.

Randy Sloan – Brian McNamara
Emily Weymouth – Phyllis Thaxter
George Latimer – Richard Venture
Janet Weymouth – Caroline Williams
Neal Latimer – David Newsom
Sally Bates – Debra Stipe
Arnold Lummis – Charley Lang
Margaret Babbington – Beth Taylor Hart
William Bailey – Richard Brestoff
Young Owen Cooper – Jeff Bankert
Deputy Andy Broome – Louis Herthum
Young George Lattimer – Blair Sorby

177. The Mole
Jessica is abducted by a philanthropist’s thugs, who mistake her for another woman who is fleeing for her life.

Bryan “Brynie” Sullivan – Joseph Bologna
Maxwell Hagen – Ken Howard
Lt. Artie Gelber – Herbert Edelman
Louis Paloma – Lewis Smith
Fred Chandler – Francis Guinan
Sara Lloyd – Melinda Culea
Bob Wilman – Bruno Marcotulli
Coach Baker Davis – Raymond Lynch
Liz Foster – Siobhan McCafferty

178. The Wind Around the Tower
In Ireland, the perplexing death of a wealthy developer is linked to the legend of a crying woman.

Sean Cullhane – George Hearn
Anne Gillen – Shirley Anne Field
Neal Gillen – Dakin Matthews
Liam Gillen – Mark Rolston
Jason MacNamara – Michael Aldredge
Francis Reilly – Mark Lindsay Chapman
Claire Abbott – Sarah MacDonald
Carolyn Mulrain – Nora Masterson
Brian Mulrain – Shay Duffin
Douglas Foudy – John Finnegan
Quint Sankey – Don Knight
Sgt. Devon O’Malley – Richard Riehle

179. The Dead File
Jessica is drawn into blackmail and murder over a libelous comic-strip character that was modeled after her.

Lt. Peter DiMartini – Jon Polito
Stan Hatter – Harvey Feirstein
Dayton Whiting – Patrick Macnee
Teddy Graves – Kris Kamm
Paige Kindle – Diana Bellamy
Jerry Bozell – George Furth
Sergeant Martha Redstone – Susan Kellerman
Officer Buckman – David Ault
Roger Melton – Robin Gammell
Ben Watanabe – Rodney Kageyama
Russell Yorke – Mark Roberts

180. Night of the Coyote
Jessica suspects that the murder of an entrepreneur in an Old West mining town is connected to the legend of a stagecoach robber’s buried treasure.

Sheriff Sam Keeyani – Graham Greene
Susan Lindsay – Mariette Hartley
Ben Judson – Nicholas Surovy
Charles Strickland – James Stephens
Tony Sable – Frederick Coffin
Ashie Nakai – Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Max Teller – Steve Forrest
Alice Chee – Nadine Romero
Mr. Wheatman – Ernie Vincent
Betty – Laura Wernette

181. Sugar and Spice, Malice and Vice
Jessica’s old friend Michael Hagarty is arrested for the murder of his estranged daughter’s crooked fiancι.

Michael Hagarty – Len Cariou
Andrea Cromwell – Kim Johnston Ulrich
Adam Quatrain – Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Laura Downing – Donna Bullock
Cynthia Quatrain – Lenore Kasdorf
Luc Lee – James Shigeta
Paul Marlow – Kevin Kilner
Lt. Pat Hogan – James Handy
Brad Filmore – Gary Hollis
Charlie Bennett – Beau Starr

182. The Classic Murder
The murder of a psychic follows the disappearance of a wealthy oil man – and $150 million from his corporation.

Sally Wilson – Jessica Tuck
B.J. Wilson – Michael Knight
George Foster – John Rubenstein
Mrs. Oates – Louise Latham
Carl Graham – Stephen Liska
Janine Foster – Rita Taggart
Inspector Moss – Julian Barnes
Sgt. Tom Jarrow – John DiAquino
Buck Wilson – Wayne Tippit
Marika Valenti – Natalija Nogulich

183. A Christmas Secret
A deep secret darkens Christmas for a Gulf War veteran returning to his fiancιe in Cabot Cove.

Alan Forsythe – Ken Swofford
Mary Forsythe – Diane Baker
Beth Forsythe – Eileen Seeley
Wanda Andrews – Corinne Bohrer
Floyd Bigelow – Larry Wilcox
Amy Wainwright – Amy Brennerman
Bert Lazarus – Crain Hamann
Charlie McCumber – Sean O’Bryan
Monica McCumber – Mary Tanner

184. The Sound of Murder
A record producer is done in by heavy metal – of the 9-mm variety.

Holly Chase – Alexia Robinson
Richard Lefko – Richard Beymer
Charles Drexler – Robert Knapper
Paul Atkins – Miles O’Keefe
Julie Knight – Mary Beth Evans
Lt. Al Terwilliger – Michael Tolan
Willi Piper – Kevin Hicks
Freddie Major – Edd Byrnes
Mitch Randall – Jonathan Goldsmith
Michele – Meadow Williams
Giorgi Pappavasilopoulos – Danny Woodburn

185. Final Curtain
The final curtain descends on the personal manager of an actor coming out of a 10-year retirement.

Jerome Mueller – Keene Curtis
Kathryn Evans – Maureen Mueller
Lyman Taggart – Dennis Christopher
Eve Simpson – Julie Adams
John Koppel – Barry Laws
Dep. Andy Broome – Louis Herthum
Eric Benderson – Bradford Dillman
David North – Peter Donat
Lighthouse Motel manager – Ed Morgan

186. Double Jeopardy
A slumlord is poisoned in the confessional as he seeks absolution from the priest – his estranged son.

Father Michael – Robert Beltran
Frank Fernandez – Ismael East Carlo
Raymond Fernandez – Dan Ferro
Jose Galvan – Raymond Cruz
Tony Galvan – Mark Adair Rios
Maria Galvan – Rosana De Soto
Ruth Nelson – Judith Jones
Det. Sgt. Bob Davis – Julius J. Carry III
Denise Dillers – Valerie Dilman
Manuel – Mark Juan A. Riojas

187. Dead Eye
The discovery that a PI who vanished in 1963 was murdered suggests a connection with JFK’s assassination – and triggers another murder.

Charlie Garrett – Wayne Rogers
Laura Ann Callan – Linda Purl
Bernard Philip Callan – Kevin Quigley
Santo Angelini – Al Ruscio
Dr. Abner Farrow – Stewart Moss
Frank Hemet – Lonny Chapman
Chief Thurman Gillis – Ben Masters
FBI Agent James Whitman – Julian Christopher
Michael Malone – John Petlock
Hal Fredericks – Webster Williams
Motel Manager – Jason Stuart

188. Killer Radio
The plug is pulled on the soon-to-be-owner of a radio station on the prairies.

Louise Anderson-Crowe – Lindsay Crouse
Jonathan Baker – Stephen Caffrey
Marcus Rule – Jeff Yagher
Danny Cochran – Harry Guardino
Ronna Simmons – Georgia Emelin
David Osterman – Victor Brandt
Sheriff Leland Waterman – William Lucking
Colin Crowe – Lyman Ward
Dr. Annie Farnum – Annie O’Donnell
Deputy Stallings – Tim Schnabel
Alex Logan – James Harlow

189. The Petrified Florist
Is a Beverly Hills florist pushing up daisies because he was digging up dirt for gossip magazines?

Junie Cobb – Sally Kellerman
Frances Hunt – Penny Fuller
Lt. Gabriel Caceras – Gregory Sierra
George Erwin – Taylor Nichols
Arnett Cobb – Richard Herd
Betty O’Hara – Denise Miller
Dr. Johnny Windhurst – John Gabriel
Sgt. Daisy Kenny – Sandahl Bergman
Billy Kyle – Gary Beach
Aggie Colbert – Marji Martin
Stan Hendricks – Mort Sertner
Nurse – Elmarie Wendel

190. Threshold of Fear
A recluse tormented by nightmares of her mother’s unsolved murder is terrified when the killer she sees in her dreams tries to see her in real life.

Dr. Ellen Holden – Margot Kidder
Jordan Barnett – David Soul
Peter Morgan – David Lansbury
Lt. Artie Gelber – Herb Edelman
Henry Phelps – Michael Zeiniker
Laura Martin – Jamie Rose
Ben Gotler – Andrew Bloch
Mrs. Eddington – Alexandra Kenworthy
Alice Morgan – Cynthia Nixon
Richie Kanpinski (doorman) – Eddie Barth
Sgt. Grady – Tom Isbell

191. The Big Kill
The murderers of a fisherman and a banker have nearly the same M.O., but are the crimes connected?

Martin Fraser – Chad Everett
Helen Lewis – Hope Lange
Brian Bentall – Michael Beck
Phil Shannon – Don Stroud
Eve Simpson – Julie Adams
Walter Kurtz – Dana Gladstone
Dep. Andy Broome – Louis Herthum
Carl Ward – Gregg Henry
Sarah Riddett – Kathy Molter
Russell – Robert Patten
Ben Wright – Lyle Waggoner
Henry Riddett – Sandy Ward

192. Dead to Rights
Jessica reluctantly agrees to help her former researcher on a murder charge despite the fact that the woman is a pathological liar.

Vincent Polaski – Stephen T. Kay
Baker Lawrence – Edward Winter
Bruce Hastings – Jeffrey Nordling
Todd Merlin – Wallace Langham
Missy Stevens – Christine Belford
Wanda Polaski – Evelyn Keyes
Helen McCurdy – Ruth Anderson
Lt. Gabriel Rodino – Richard Libertini
Carl Stevens – Sam Anderson
Saul Benson – Lorry Goldman
Dana Ballard – Molly Hagan
Terence Gideon – Tom Henschel
Gloria Jergens – Pamela Roylance

193. Lone Witness
A delivery boy claims he was shot at by a man kneeling beside a murdered woman, but he can’t prove it.

Tommy Remsen – Neil Patrick Harris
Dan Remsen – John Bennett Perry
Lt. Steve Warren – Laurence Luckinbill
Det. Eddie Flowers – Clifton Powell
Susan Wells - Sheila MacRae
Sandy Oates – Beth Howland
Vic Gorman – Kario Salem
Monica Evers – Liz Vassey
Ben Eigers – Raymond Serra
Fred Turner – Joe Maruzzo

194. Ship of Thieves
Jessica takes a pleasure cruise on a veritable ship of thieves, one of whom is also a killer.

Dennis Stanton – Keith Mitchell
Captain Rory O’Neil – Jon Cypher
Leslie Hunter – Lee Meriweather
Alma Soble – Jane Withers
Philip Polachek – Dwier Brown
Lance Brinegar – Michael Woods
FBI Agent Agnes Lowry – Sarah Partridge
Mr. Worthington – Jack Garner
Diana Peale – Sharon Lee Jones
Amber/Janet Fisk – Michelle Johnson
Molly Altrip – Ellia Thompson
Roland Devereaux – George Tovar
Marvin Soble – Albie Selznick
Comic – Sammy Goldstein

195. The Survivor
Whoever murdered an undercover rookie cop is also trying to kill his date.

Sgt. Victor Lofton – Stan Shaw
Alex Maggio – Ed O’Ross
Jill Maggio – Nancy Sorel
Jimmy Haynes – Monte Markham
Captain Elgin Meyers – Ned Bellamy
Sonny Greene – James Pickens Jr.
Vinnie – Don Calfa
John Bondy – Wolfgang Bodison
Marv Goldman – Stephen Mandel
Len Thomas – Nigel Gibbs
Paula Raynor – Kasi Lemmons
Dr. Luis Perez – Julio Oscar Mechoso
Buddy Walker – Evan Millar
Alice – Elayne Taylor
Nurse – Ann Noel

196. Love's Deadly Desire
A romance novelist apparently was the intended victim of he assistant’s killer.

Sibella Stone – Carroll Baker
Derek Hartman – William Katt
Monroe Shepard – David Gail
Valerie Hartman – Andrea Roth
Phil Cole – Christopher Murray
Colin Burnham – John David Bland
Marian King – Yvonne Suhor
Sue – Robin Gordon
Mr. Turner – Erwin Fuller
Peggy Reed – Jennifer Parsons
Smuggler – Ian Ruskin

Sources: TV Guide and The Unofficial Guide to Murder She Wrote by James Robert Parish.

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