Trivia Quiz: So You Think You Know Cabot Cove - Answers!

1) b. Although it could be argued that the population has been shrinking rapidly.

2) b.

3) b.

4) d.

5) Candlewood Lane

6) 698

7) d.

8) a.

9) a.

10) c. I don’t know, maybe they have a Community Yard Sale Day too – but if so, I’ve never heard of it.

11) b.

12) d. Dr. John Carter is one of the physicians on E.R.

13) c.

14) b.

15) a.

16) b.

17) c.

18) b.

19) True – he held the job for a brief period of time while Amos Tupper tried retirement on for size

20) a.

21) d. The other quotes are Sheriff Metzger’s, all part of a particularly heart-felt rant of pent-up frustration delivered to Jessica in the episode “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, part 1.”

22) c.

23) Winston

24) a.

25) d. Choices a and c are episode titles. Choice b was written about Camden, Maine.

26) c. But she doesn’t remember why.

27) a.

28) d.

29) d. Yes, really.

30) Ben Devlin

31) c.

32) False. He also was there (briefly) in Season 1’s episode “Tough Guys Don’t Die.”

33) Parking tickets

34) a.

35) b.

36) c.

37) b. Awwww! :)

38) b.

39) d. Give yourself partial credit if you answered a, because that was also true.

40) b.


30-40 correct:
Year Round Resident – You could pass yourself off as a genuine Cabot Cove local! Congratulations!

20-30 correct:
Summah Resident – You’re not completely plugged into the Cabot Cove gossip wires, but you hold your own with the regulars at the coffee shop.

10-20 correct:
Weekender from Boston – It’s pretty obvious that your local knowledge is minimal. Keep trying; you may yet gain acceptance into some of the town’s social circles if you volunteer enough.

0-10 correct:
From Away – Locals shun you.

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