Trivia Quiz: The MSW Books of Donald Bain

1) What kind of license does Jessica earn in the novels that she never had in the series?

a) A driverís license
b) A private investigatorís license
c) A pilotís license
d) License to kill

2) In the MSW books, the character Charlene Sassi has what role in Cabot Cove?

a) Butcher
b) Baker
c) Candlestick maker
d) None of the above - Charlene Sassi is a series character, not a book character

3) Two of Mr. Bainís MSW books are set around Christmas time. Name them.

4) To date (meaning up to the publication of Close-up on Murder), which Cabot Cove regular from the series has not made an appearance in the books?

a) Loretta Spiegel
b) Eve Simpson
c) Amos Tupper
d) Andy Broome

5) Expanding on that theme, which non-Cabot Cove regular from the series has not yet made an appearance in the books?

a) Artie Gelber
b) Grady Fletcher
c) Michael Haggerty
d) Dennis Stanton

6) According to Three Strikes and Youíre Dead, which baseball team does Jessica claim to be a fan of?

a) New York Yankees
b) Boston Red Sox
c) New York Mets
d) Chicago Cubs

7) George Sutherland does not make an appearance in which of the following?

a) A Vote for Murder
b) Murder on the QEII
c) Murder in Moscow
d) A Little Yuletide Murder

8) In the book Panning for Murder, Kathy Copelandís sister Wilhelmina disappeared in Alaska while searching for what natural resource?

a) Oil
b) Gold
c) Copper
d) Crab

9) Which famous ocean liner is featured in the novel The Queenís Jewels?

a) The Queen Mary II
b) The Queen Elizabeth II
c) The Andrea Doria
d) The Norwegian Princess

10) Destination Murder takes place in which Canadian province?

a) Manitoba
b) British Columbia
c) Nova Scotia
d) Ontario

11) The name of Jessicaís British publisher is ...

a) Preston Giles
b) Vaughn Buckley
c) Ted Hartley
d) Archibald Semple

12) Before heading up to Wick, Scotland in The Highland Fling Murders, Jessica & Co. stay in which landmark London hotel?

a) The Savoy
b) The Dorchester
c) The Athenaeum
d) Brownís

13) What natural disaster disrupts life at Schoolman College towards the beginning of Majoring in Murder?

a) A hurricane
b) A blizzard
c) An earthquake
d) A tornado

14) In Gin and Daggers, which real-life author is mentioned as being a friend of Jessicaís?

a) P. G. Wodehouse
b) P. D. James
c) E. L. Doctorow
d) D. H. Lawrence

15) In Dying to Retire, we find out that Seth has a nickname! What is it?

a) Doc
b) Old Ironsides
c) Boomer
d) Gipper

16) A Question of Murder takes place in which mountain region?

a) The Poconos
b) The Adirondacks
c) The Berkshires
d) The Catskills

17) What unusual meteorological condition has everyone in Cabot Cove suffering for much of Murder on Parade?

a) Itís unseasonably cold
b) Itís unseasonably hot
c) Itís unseasonably dry
d) Itís unseasonably rainy

18) Which London-area airport does Silver Air fly into in Coffee, Tea, or Murder?

a) Heathrow
b) Gatwick
c) Stansted
d) Luton

19) In A Slaying in Savannah, Tillie Mortelaineís will stipulates that a literacy foundation she and Jessica were involved with will inherit a million dollars if Jessica can solve a cold murder case by what deadline?

a) St. Patrickís Day
b) April 15th
c) One month from the day Tillie died
d) One month from the day Jessica arrives in Savannah

20) Who wrote a country music song to accompany the book Nashville Noir?

a) David A. Stewart
b) Lady Antebellum
c) Toby Keith
d) Keith Urban

21) In The Maine Mutiny, what is the name of the lobster boat Jessica is stranded aboard?

a) Antares
b) Larkspur
c) Done For
d) Laura Anne

22) Name the only book written by Mr. Bain to share its name with an episode from the series.

23) Which poison is used as a murder weapon in A Palette for Murder?

a) Cyanide
b) Arsenic
c) Strychnine
d) Ricin

24) How old is Gradyís son Frank in Madison Avenue Shoot?

a) 8
b) 9
c) 10
d) 11

25) The name of the Napa Valley winery that takes center stage in Blood on the Vine is ...

a) Laddington Creek
b) Framingham Brook
c) Mystic River
d) Bartles and James

26) Name the book that starts each chapter with a mystery-related trivia question.

27) In Skating on Thin Ice, one characterís appearance is compared to that of which George?

a) George Hamilton
b) George Sutherland
c) George Clooney
d) George Burns

28) In Margaritas and Murder, what item does Jessica have stolen from her, but later recovers?

a) a purse
b) a ring
c) a publisher
d) a pen

29) In the days of the series, the Cabot Cove regulars used to regularly convene at Hannahís coffee shop. In Donald Bainís books, where do they hang out now?

a) Charlene Sassiís Bakery
b) The Ebb Tide Restaurant
c) Jim Shevlinís office
d) Maraís Luncheonette

30) This book frequently mentions another book written by Mr. Bain with a similar title - name them both.

31) The Fine Art of Murder takes place primarily in which two cities?

a) Chicago and Rome
b) New York and London
c) Los Angeles and Prague
d) Montreal and Paris

32) A subplot in Trouble at High Tide harkens back to which historical unsolved mystery?

a) The disappearance of Amelia Earhart
b) The Jack the Ripper killings
c) The Bermuda Triangle phenomenon
d) The Black Dahlia murder

33) In Provence - to Die For, Jessica takes what sort of classes while on vacation in France?

a) Art history classes
b) French language classes
c) Computer literacy classes
d) Cooking classes

34) Prescription for Murder is centered around the search for a cure for which disease?

a) Parkinsonís Disease
b) Huntingtonís Disease
c) Lou Gehrigís Disease
d) Alzheimerís Disease

35) Which holiday has not yet served as a backdrop for a MSW book (as of the end of 2013)?

a) Halloween
b) Thanksgiving
c) Valentineís Day
d) St. Patrickís Day

36) We see Jessica at the controls of an airplane for the first time in which book?

37) What is Jessicaís role in the courtroom-based book A Deadly Judgment?

a) Expert witness
b) Jury foreman
c) Jury consultant
d) Witness for the prosecution

38) Which book does not use the courtroom as a major setting for the action?

a) You Bet Your Life
b) A Vote for Murder
c) A Deadly Judgment (thatís a gimme)
d) Domestic Malice

39) Which book was not set in Cabot Cove?

a) Murder on Parade
b) Trick or Treachery
c) Brandy and Bullets
d) A Question of Murder

40) In Martinis and Mayhem, Jessica says she would be pleased if which of the following actresses were to portray her in a film version of her book?

a) Joan Fontaine
b) Vivien Leigh
c) Angela Lansbury
d) All of the above

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