Trivia Quiz: The MSW Books of Donald Bain - Answers!

1) c.

2) b.

3) Manhattans and Murder, A Little Yuletide Murder

4) d.

5) a.

6) b.

7) d.

8) b.

9) a.

10) b.

11) d.

12) c.

13) d.

14) b.

15) c.

16) c.

17) b.

18) c.

19) c.

20) a.

21) c. In case you're curious, (a) is the name of my husband's boat, (b) is a boat name from one of my fan fictions, and (d) is the name of a boat my parents used to have.

22) Murder in a Minor Key

23) d.

24) b.

25) a.

26) A Question of Murder

27) c.

28) b. and c. Give yourself full credit if you picked either one.

29) d.

30) Coffee, Tea or Murder and Coffee, Tea, or Me

31) a.

32) b.

33) d.

34) d.

35) c.

36) Murder at the Powderhorn Ranch

37) c.

38) b.

39) d.

40) d.


30-40 correct:
Author You are Donald Bain or Renee Paley Bain. Only the actual authors would be able to get a perfect score on this quiz.

20-30 correct:
Devoted Fan You anxiously await the release of each book, and read it cover to cover in one day or less.

10-20 correct:
Casual Reader You're a fan of mysteries, but not of MSW in particular. Consequently you've read some of the books, but not all of them.

0-10 correct:
Neophyte There are Murder, She Wrote books?

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