Trivia Quiz: The Life and Times of JB Fletcher

1) Jessica’s ancestors hail from what town in County Cork, Ireland?

a) Bandon
b) Kilcleer
c) Ballynock
d) Connemara

2) Name Jessica’s alma mater and the town where it is located.

3) Grady Fletcher had a series of girlfriends before he met and married his wife Donna. What is the name of the first one that we meet?

4) What was Donna Fletcher’s maiden name?

a) Donovan
b) Pinkham
c) Mayberry
d) We’re never told what her maiden name is.

5) Jessica’s favorite flavor of ice cream is:

a) Vanilla
b) Strawberry
c) Mocha chocolate
d) Maple walnut

6) In the episode “Sing a Song of Murder,” why are the mourners at Emma MacGill’s memorial service shocked when they see Jessica?

a) They didn’t think she’d come all the way to London for the service
b) She announces that Emma is actually alive
c) She looks enough like Emma to be her sister
d) All of the aboves

7) This man is Jessica’s publisher, mentioned from Season 8 onwards (series canon).

8) Jessica met her husband Frank during a summer internship at this theater:

a) Mayhew
b) Applewood
c) Winter Garden
d) Roxy

9) In Season 2 Jessica threw out her back doing what household chore?

a) Putting up storm windows
b) Raking leaves
c) Vacuuming
d) Cleaning out the gutters

10) This was the name of Jessica’s first novel.

11) Which of the following is not one of Jessica’s relatives?

a) Nita Cochran
b) Carrie McKittrick
c) Victoria Griffin
d) Pamela Crane

12) Jessica’s old high school flame, David Everett, received the most votes for which senior yearbook honor?

a) Most likely to succeed
b) Most likely to marry into wealth
c) Most likely to end up in prison
d) Most likely to flee the scene when the going got tough

13) Haskell Drake, who supervised Jessica during her journalism internship in college, claimed that she would have made a better journalist if her head hadn’t been filled with Ö

a) hearts
b) flowers
c) thoughts of Frank Fletcher
d) all of the above

14) What did the presumed dead Neil Fletcher send to his granddaughter before her wedding that convinced Jessica that he was still alive?

a) a letter
b) a leprechaun figurine
c) a postcard from Arkansas
d) a toaster oven

15) In the episode “Bite the Big Apple,” what was Seth doing when the thought crossed his mind that Jessica was in danger in New York City?

a) Cooking in Jessica’s kitchen
b) Seeing patients at his office
c) Mending a garden hose at Jessica’s house
d) Sharing a cup of joe with Mort Metzger

16) All of the following are books written by Jessica except:

a) The Corpse Danced at Midnight
b) Murder in a Minor Key
c) The Messengers of Midnight
d) The Cat Who Wasn’t There

17) Which of the following was not one of Frank’s crewmates on the ill-fated Dixie Damsel?

a) Clint Phelps
b) Marcus Havermeyer
c) Lee Goddard
d) Peter Gagliano

18) What finally convinces Jessica to start using a computer for her writing?

a) Her publisher talks her into trying it
b) The “L” key breaks on her old manual typewriter
c) Seth taunts her about being stuck in the “dark ages”
d) She discovers that her apartment is wired for Ethernet access

19) When Jessica sets up her new computer, what does she proceed to tell it?

a) “Lose any of my work, and I’ll drop-kick you off the top of the building.”
b) “I’d appreciate it if you would remind me to hit the ‘save’ key now and then.”
c) “Where’s this ‘any’ key I’m supposed to hit to begin?”
d) “Okay, we come to an understanding, or one of us doesn't leave here alive.”

20) What subject is Michael Haggerty always anxious to discuss with Jessica?

a) His work
b) Her work
c) His next exotic travel destination
d) “Us”

21) According to the episode “Southern Double Cross,” how many of Jessica’s books have made the New York Times bestseller list in the past twelve years?

a) Twelve
b) Ten
c) Fourteen
d) Eight

22) In the episode “Thursday’s Child,” what does Nancy Landon show Jessica and claim as proof that Frank fathered her son Steve?

a) A ring
b) A photograph
c) A letter
d) A birth certificate

23) Starting in the eighth season, Jessica moves to New York City to teach criminology at what institution of higher education?

a) New York University
b) Manhattan University
c) Fordham University
d) The State University of New York at Stoneybrook

24) In the episode “Unfinished Business,” Jessica helps Seth in the matter of a ten year old murder that occurred at a Maine hunting lodge located on which body of water?

a) Stone Lake
b) Sebago Lake
c) Juniper Lake
d) Moosehead Lake

25) In the episode “Who Killed JB Fletcher?” Jessica asks Seth to inform Cabot Cove that she’s not dead, and suggests what method to carry out his assignment most easily?

a) Take out an ad in the Cabot Cove Gazette
b) Take down the black wreath from her front door
c) Tell each resident to tell five of their friends in turn
d) Announce the news at Loretta’s Beauty Shop

26) In a desperate bid to finish her novel on time, how does Jessica deal with unwanted telephone calls in the episode “Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher’s Chowder?”

a) She pretends to have an answering machine
b) She takes the telephone receiver off the hook
c) She unplugs her phone from the wall
d) She lets the phone ring until whoever is trying to call her gives up

27) What was Jessica’s apartment number in New York City?

a) 3a
b) 4b
c) 2c
d) 5d

28) When Jessica first meets her publisher Preston Giles at his offices, what does she suggest to remedy his grey complexion?

a) Getting out in the sun more often
b) A homemade salve
c) Apples
d) A multivitamin

29) In the lead-up to Grady and Donna’s wedding, which of Donna’s relatives makes a pass at Jessica?

a) Uncle Ben
b) Cousin Charlie
c) Uncle George
d) Cousin Hugh

30) In the episode “A Christmas Secret,” what does Jessica give Seth for Christmas?

a) A signed first edition copy of her latest book
b) A toy train
c) Underwear and socks
d) A watch

31) In the episode “Danse Diabolique,” Jessica lists three things that one can never get enough of, except:

a) Chocolate
b) Friends
c) The theater
d) Good books

32) Prior to becoming a published writer, what did Jessica do for a living?

33) Which of Jessica’s rogue’s gallery of friends insists on calling her “Jessica darling”?

a) Dennis Stanton
b) Charlie Garrett
c) Michael Haggerty
d) Harry McGraw

34) At the end of the episode “Magnum on Ice,” Thomas Magnum promises Jessica that if she doesn’t get a private investigator’s license, he won’t:

a) Do another crossover episode between his series and hers, ever
b) Tell anyone that they each got a chance to see each other in a bathrobe
c) Do a lame made-for-tv reunion movie
d) Buy a typewriter

35) True or false: Jessica and Frank raised their nephew Grady Fletcher from boyhood.

36) Seth cites each of the following as things wrong with Jessica’s new apartment in New York except Ö

a) The window in the spare room won’t open
b) The kitchen drawers stick
c) The lightbulb in the closet is burned out
d) The sink is plugged up

37) At Grady and Donna’s wedding, what does Jessica give to Donna?

a) The mirror Jessica’s mother gave her at her own wedding, to fulfill “something old”
b) A new pair of shoes, to fulfill “something new”
c) The loan of her bracelet, to fulfill “something borrowed”
d) A sapphire pendant, to fulfill “something blue”

38) In Season 7, what is Jessica’s initial reaction when she runs into the recently paroled Preston Giles in the lobby of her hotel?

a) Shock
b) Anger
c) Regret
d) She doesn’t recognize him

39) It’s an exceptionally rare occurrence, but we actually catch a glimpse of Jessica crying in each of the following episodes except:

a) "The Trouble with Seth"
b) "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes"
c) "Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, part 2"
d) "Thursday’s Child"

40) In the episode “Steal Me a Story,” what reason does Jessica cite when she turns down a chance to write her adventures into a one-hour televison series?

a) It’s been done.
b) If Angela Lansbury isn’t available to portray her, she wants no part of the project.
c) She doesn’t want to leave Maine and move to Hollywood.
d) She doesn’t write gun fights, car chases, or bedroom scenes, so who would watch?

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