Trivia Quiz: The Life and Times of JB Fletcher - Answers!

1) b.

2) Harrison College, in Green Falls, New Hampshire.

3) Kitt Donovan.

4) c.

5) c.

6) c.

7) Ted Hartley

8) b.

9) a.

10) The Corpse Danced at Midnight

11) b.

12) d.

13) d.

14) b.

15) c.

16) d. The Cat Who Wasn't There was written by Lillian Jackson Braun.

17) b.

18) b.

19) d.

20) d.

21) b.

22) c.

23) b.

24) c. Choice "a" was featured in the episode "The Lady in the Lake." The other two are just big lakes in Maine.

25) d.

26) a.

27) b.

28) c.

29) a.

30) b.

31) d. Though she probably wouldn't argue with this choice either.

32) She taught high school level English.

33) c.

34) d.

35) True - Grady's parents died in a car accident while he was still a child.

36) c.

37) a.

38) a.

39) a.

40) d.


30-40 correct:
Relative First, the good news: you know Jessica well enough to be part of her large extended family. Now the bad news: you have better-than-even odds of being accused of a murder you didn't commit sometime during your lifetime.

20-30 correct:
Friend You know Jessica pretty well. Statistically speaking, you are likely to be accused of murder, or perhaps even commit one, but it is less likely that you will die.

10-20 correct:
Acquaintance People in this category are more likely to be killed than to kill, though either is possible.

0-10 correct:
Red Shirt Your sole purpose is to be the victim of murder, and you only get to meet Jessica once you are dead. Tough luck.

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