That One Little Word

By: Viki

Disclaimer:I donít own the characters or MSW, just borrowing them for my enjoyment.And if I were making moneyÖI wouldnít be posting on a free website.




They say that the first impression is everything; that isnít exactly true.It took more than one impression before I truly knew that I was in love with George Sutherland.

I knew that he was dangerous to the walls Iíd built up around my heart and emotions after my beloved Frankís death, but I thought that my strong will would keep me from falling prey to his charm.

I was wrong.

My will wasnít strong enough.

His charm was much stronger.

And now Iím sitting here considering giving him the answer heís been longing for ever since the first time he asked me to marry him.


I shudder at the sight and thought of those three little letters.

But the thought of what might happen, if I donít say that little word, causes pain in my heart.

What do I do?

If I donít say yes, Iím so afraid George will grow tired of my leading him around and leave me, and I canít bear the thought of losing him.Iíve grown so fond, no, not fond.

I love him.

Which is what frightens me.

I never thought I would love like this again.Frank was the only man Iíd ever loved, the only man I thought Iíd ever love.

Until a tall, debonair, green eyed Scot stole his way into my lifeÖand into my heart.

Iíve hurt him once since heís been here, Iíll not do it again.

Iíve made up my mind.

Tonight, when he comes back from town, Iím going to give him the answer heís been seeking.

That one little word that has been so hard for me to say.