By Sarah


This is a sequel to "Laptop".   As usual, this is just for fun because these characters aren't my own - I'm just borrowing them. 



Jessica woke with a smile on her face, as she stretched lazily in the early dawn light.  She and George were visiting Grady, Donna and Little Frank in Chappequa for the weekend.  They were staying in separate rooms at Jessica's insistence.   Neither she nor George had been able to sleep knowing that the other was just down the hall, so they met in the kitchen for a midnight snack.  Their kitchen rendezvous had turned into an amazing makeout session.  Amazing and sexy, she said outloud to herself as she sat up on the edge of the bed.   She hadn't spent that many hours just kissing since she was a teenager and this far surpassed those days, as George was unbelievably good at kissing.  She pulled a robe over her pajamas and headed downstairs to start her day with a cup of coffee.   She found Little Frank engrossed with Saturday morning cartoons while slowly working on a bowl of cereal and Donna stirring pancake batter.


"Good morning," she said as she entered the large kitchen.

"Good morning Jessica," Donna replied cheerfully.  "Frank, say good morning to your Aunt Jess," Donna gently reminded her eight year old son. 

"Morning Aunt Jess," he said with a full mouth.

"Good morning, my little love," she said as she took a seat next to Little Frank.

"Here, Aunt Jess, have a cup of coffee.  Did you sleep well?" she asked as she handed a Jessica a large mug and set the cream in front of her.

"Mmmhmmm, like a log," she responded, pouring a tiny bit of the half & half in her cup.  "Are Grady and George up yet?"

"As a matter a fact, they went for a run at dawn," Donna said

"At dawn?  They've been gone an awfully long time," she murmured thoughtfully.

"Cause Daddy's givin' Uncle George the riot act," Frank said.

"Frank!  Shhh!  Daddy didn't say that!"

"Uh huh, Mom, he did too.   I heard him say that to you.   He said he wants to know what his tenchuns to Aunt Jess are."

"Frank Joseph!  You finish your cereal and then go up and get dressed."

Jessica couldn't help but laugh. "That's okay, darling, I'm sure Uncle George and your Daddy are getting along just fine," she said leaning over and giving her grand nephew a hug.

"Aunt Jess?"

"Yes, darling?"

"Did you get pinched?"

Before Jessica could answer, the backdoor flew open.  Breathless from their run, Grady and George came in the kitchen with big smiles on their faces.   They bid both ladies morning greetings.  Grady poured a cup of coffee for George and then helped himself.

George sat down at the table next to Jessica and leaned over to give her a proper kiss on her cheek, "Morning love.  Sleep well?" 

"Mmmhmmm.  Good run?" she asked with a smile.

Still insistent on having his question answered, Little Frank repeated his question, "Aunt Jess, I want to know did you get pinched?  It looks like you have a pinch mark on your neck.   I got a mark like that on my arm when my friend Jason and I were having a pinching contest.    Who pinched you Aunt Jess?  Was it Uncle George?  Cause he has a pinch too.  Were you having a contest?  I think you both lost since you both have that pinch mark."

George choked on his coffee.   Jessica's eyes grew large as she realized what Frank was asking.   She turned and looked at George's neck .  There it was.  She had left a mark on his neck where her lips had lingered too long.   She clutched her own throat, feeling her temperature rise as her face flushed.  Grady and Donna were doubled over in laughter and George had buried his face in  his hands.   She scooted back her chair and hurried out of the kitchen.  She dashed up the stairs to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.   Sure enough, there was a mark on her neck as well.   She ran a washcloth under the cold water.  She pressed to her neck and returned to her room to wait.     


There was a light knock at the door.  "Aunt Jess, it's me.  Can I come in?" Grady called out softly.  When she didn't answer, he continued, "Aunt Jess, I have something to say to you."

Finally, she said, "Come in."   She was still holding the cloth to her throat.

"You know that doesn't work, Aunt Jess.  Neither does holding a cold spoon to it," he said as he took a seat next to her on the window seat.

She blushed again, "It doesn't?"

"Nope, it just has to go away on its own," he said as he put his arm around her.  

"How do you know anyway?" she asked.

"You don't remember grounding me for giving Jennifer Simms a hickie when we were in the 10th grade?"

She thought for a minute. "Oh yes, as a matter of fact...wait a minute, you're not going to turn the tables on me are you?" she asked with a laugh.

"Nope, but it is sort of funny, don't you think?"

"Well, maybe just a little.  It's also a little embarrassing."

"So, that's enough punishment, I think," he admonished.

"Oh, Grady, really."

"So that boy of mine is precocious, no?"

"Like father, like son, Grady."

"Aunt Jess, about George," he began.

"What about him?  You do like him, don't you?"

"I like him very much.  I like him even better knowing that he's making you so happy."

"I am happy, Grady.  I love him very much.  And he loves me."

"He asked me for your hand."

"He did?  What did you say?"
"Yes, he did.   I told him that I didn't especially like the idea that he might take you across the Atlantic ocean from us but more than anything I just want you to be happy."
"Thank you, my darling.   I love you as my own and it means the world to me to have your blessing.  But  you needn't worry about him taking me across the ocean.  I don't plan on that happening."

"But why not?   It's been a long, long time since Uncle Frank passed on and it's about time you had somebody in your life, Aunt Jess."

"He hasn't asked yet anyway."

"Come on.  Don't you want him to?"

"Well, we'll just cross that bridge when we come to it," she said, just has George came into the room.  

"What bridge?" he asked with a grin.

"Oh, uh, we were just talking about you and Aunt Jess babysitting Frank tonight so I can take Donna out for a much needed night in the city.  What do you say, Uncle George?"

"I'd love it as long as Jess is up to it," he responded eagerly.   He wasn't about to pass up a chance to play house with Jessica.  "As a matter of fact, why don't you stay at our place for the rest of the weekend?  A bit of a swap?"

Jessica looked at George nervously.  "Well, I, about staying at the Waldorf?  I do have a voucher and wouldn't a night being pamered in a hotel be lovely?"

"Jessica, what's wrong with our place?" George asked, not understanding the look on her face.
Grady looked at his aunt's face and then at George's.  Suddenly, George's demeaner changed as he realized that Jessica hadn't divulged their living situation to Grady yet. 

George cleared his throat, "Oh right, Jess, you know I do have all those points built up at the Carlisle.  I'm sure I could get you a junior suite there, gratis of course."

"Aunt Jess,  your apartment will be fine.   No need to give me your hotel points, or whatever.  Unless you really don't want me to stay there?"

"Uh, well, Grady, it's just that....oh good grief, you might as well know.   George and I are living together."

Grady snickered, "Aunt Jess, I know that you and George are living together."

"You know?"
"Of course, I know.   Since January right? 

"Yes.  But, how did you know?"

"Aunt Jess, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to pick up the clues on you two, now does it?  Besides, remember when I in the city for that meeting in February and you and I were supposed to have lunch?  Well, when you called me to cancel from your office, I was already at your apartment building so Oscar let me in so I could wash up.  Anyway, I didn't mean to snoop but the signs were fairly obvious anyway... a pipe, a bottle of Scotch on the kitchen counter, and then of course, a man's electric razor in the bathroom.  I am your nephew after all.  I did pick up a couple of sleuthing skills after all these years."

George took a seat on the edge of the bed across from Jessica and Grady.  He cleared his throat again, "You're okay with this, Grady?"

"Of course, I am.  Besides, what would I say anyway?   I just want Aunt Jess to be happy and if this is what she wants then it's fine with me."

Jessica sighed with relief, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, Grady."

"That's okay, Aunt Jess," he leaned over and kissed her cheek.   He then reached out and shook George's hand, "So, you're on board for babysitting and Donna and I can stay at your place?"

George took the apartment keys out of his pocket and tossed them to Grady, "Aye, fine with me.  I'm looking forward to an evening with that boy of yours.   He's already challenged me to a game on nintendo."
Grady laughed, "Well, I hope you're up to the challenge.   But remember, his bedtime is 8:30."

Jessica smiled, "Yes, 8:30.  I can't wait.  We're going to have a terrific time."

"And just remember, you two, no more pinching contests!"

She laughed out loud, "Oh, Grady."