By Lizzie:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, blah, blah, blah....this was fun to write during class.


               Jessica sat on the beach watching all the children searching for seaglass. She wasn’t sure any of them had been successful, but they enjoyed their time giggling on the beach and Jessica suspected their parents appreciated the quiet time. She had just finished a tour for her latest book and was vacationing in Ireland as a reward to herself. And all those children on the beach reminded her of a lot of her own childhood.

                And sitting in the warm sand with a book in her lap, she became restless. Her book was no longer interesting, even though she was reading a book she’d read multiple times and had never lost interest. She’d read the opening sentence 15 times before setting the book next to her in the sand, hoping she wouldn’t take half the Irish beach home with her between the pages of her book.

                Her gaze drifted across the open water, not too busy with people due to the fact that the temperature had recently begun dropping and many people had chosen to stay home. But to a New Englander, it was still warm enough to enjoy the beach, and the thought of wading in had crossed Jessica’s mind more than once, but she had pushed the thought out of her mind every time.

                But she was having more and more difficulty keeping herself out of the water. And no one on that particular beach knew her, so how could anyone attach the foolishness of running through the ocean fully clothed to the name Jessica Fletcher? Not that she cared all that much, but after spending three weeks trying to make herself and her book look as loveable as apple pie, she was feeling a little bit of her old teenage rebellion coming back to her, and didn’t care what anyone thought of her seemingly foolish actions.

                She picked up her book again, but her eyes crossed almost immediately upon seeing the page. Words, even though she was a writer, were suddenly too much to fathom.

                And she felt herself set down her book and walk in the direction of the water.

                Her heart was beating faster and she felt excitement build within her. It was the rush of rebellion that she craved after being perfect in the spotlight for three weeks. Wild and crazy had its own place in her quiet and relaxed vacation.

                And that place was running through the ocean in her clothes.