By SarahB

I don’t own any of the characters, I’m not trying to maliciously step on anybody’s copyright, and I’m certainly not making any money from writing this.


As soon as George entered their apartment, he began to worry.   Usually meticulously neat, Jessica had left her high heels and her overcoat where she had shed them by the front door.   Her briefcase and purse were also on the floor near the front door.  He moved her purse and briefcase to the kitchen counter and then picked up her shoes to take them to the bedroom. He called out her name, but heard no answer.   In the hallway, he found her stockings and then her suit on the floor.   Their bedroom door was closed.


George knocked quietly but when she didn't answer, he opened the door slowly to find her laying across their bed in her lace slip.   She was fast asleep.    He breathed a sigh of relief and went to the cedar chest that she kept under the window.   He removed her favorite quilt from the chest and carried it to the bed where he spread it across Jessica.   He removed his suit and tie and laid them across the chaise in the corner.  He slid under the quilt as softly as possible and carefully pulled Jessica into his arms.   She sighed in her sleep, as if her subconscious mind was finally at rest.   He watched her face in the remaining evening twilight.  Her expression softened and she seemed peaceful.   He marveled at her beauty and wondered what she might be dreaming.  He loved looking at her even when she was asleep.  


He laid there quietly and thought about the last few weeks.   They had been in a whirlwind of activity between his work responsibilities and the recent press frenzy of her newest novel.  Neither of them had had much time to see each other, much less actually sleep.   To top it off, Jessica had become embroiled in yet another mystery.   This time, she had managed to solve a cold case that had dogged the police for years.  This time she had put two and two together with evidence that had been front of them all along.   He never ceased to be amazed at her analytical and investigative skills. 


Several hours later, he was dozing himself when Jessica stirred in his arms.

She looked at him, momentarily confused.   "George?"
"Hmmm?  Jess, you're awake," he said, hugging her to him.

She smiled at him, "How long have you been home?"
He turned and looked at the clock.  "Since about 6:30.  You were knackered, to say the least."

"As were you, I suspect," she pointed out.

"Aye, indeed I was.  It's been a few rough weeks, but now it's finally a free weekend."

When she didn't respond, he propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at her.  "It is a free weekend, isn't it, Jess?  Please tell me it is."

She smiled back at him brilliantly.  "Yes, darling, it's a free weekend.  What shall we do with all of our free time?"  she asked suggestively, running her hand through his hair.

"Get caught up," he answered quickly. 

"Caught up on paper work?  Or house work?" she asked, with pixie in her voice.

George laughed and rolled on top of her.   "Very funny, Jess."  He looked down into her twinkling eyes.   "Och, I've missed ye, lassie."

She pulled his face to hers and kissed him.   George kissed her back passionately and then began nuzzling her neck.  


"Aye, love?" he asked as he lifted head and looked into her eyes once more.

"George, we're not leaving the comfort of this quilt until we're completely caught up."

He grinned and resumed kissing her.