-- by Kats


Alas, have no connection to MSW, only to the word above...


There are words unspoken in polite company. The worst of it never being able to talk things through. Don’t ask, don’t tell, least the monster would spread among those who were in the room.


Frank hadn’t felt well, lingering far too long for Jessica’s liking. A day of nagging, two of “the look,” and Frank gave in and went to Seth s, taking over a brandied peach pie for the library bake sale. Jessica had tests to grade, he explained; it gave him time to have a private word with Seth while Ruth took the pie to the library along with her cheese cake strudel.


Silently Seth crossed over to Frank, giving him half a tumbler of old Irish whiskey he kept for such an occasion.  Frank was numb enough without it, but drained the glass in a swallow before setting it down on the end table. 


“You will take care of Jessie, won’t you?” he murmured softly, looking at the amber liquid in the bottom of the glass.


“Ayah,” breathed Seth, tipping a bit more of the fire into the ice.