Starlight, Starbright

By: Viki

Disclaimer:  I don’t own the characters or MSW, just borrowing them for my enjoyment.  And if I were making money…I wouldn’t be posting on a free website.



Jessica couldn’t believe the way things had happened tonight.  She and George had never really fought in the years they’d known each other, but tonight they had fought…and fought hard.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she once again saw the look of hurt on George’s face just before he walked out the door and into the black Cabot Cove night.  He didn’t know where he was going, and now that two hours had passed, she was afraid something had happened to him.

She had been so sure that her solution and answer would be what he wanted, but she’d been wrong.  She had known she was wrong the minute she’d looked into his face after she’d told him what she’d decided. 

“What am I going to do?” she whispered as she looked up at the sky.


Jessica turned toward the voice and wound up in her best friend’s arms.  “Oh Seth,” she cried, her rollercoaster emotions finally getting the better of her.

Seth frowned.  “What in the world?”  He’d never known her to cry like this over something simple, so it had to be bad.  “What’s happened?”

“George and I had a fight.” 

Seth bit his lip to keep from chuckling.   “You’re sheddin’ tears over a fight?”

“I hurt him, Seth.” 

The humor left Seth as he finally registered the pain he heard in her voice.  “Jessie, what happened?  What on earth could you have done to hurt him?”

“He asked me…” she couldn’t say it, she just couldn’t.

Seth didn’t have to hear her finish the sentence to know what had happened.  “He asked you to marry him, and you told him no.”


“No?”  Now Seth was confused.

“I mean, yes…  she shook her and pulled away from him, standing on the edge of the cliffs.  “He did ask me to marry him.  I didn’t say no.”

Seth frowned as he moved closer to her.  “Then what is the problem?  How did telling the man yes hurt him?  Isn’t that the answer he wanted?”

“Oh Seth.  I’m sorry.”  She shook her head.  “My thoughts are all jumbled.  He’s been gone for two hours.”

“Well, he is a big boy.”

“Seth.”  Jessica sighed in exasperation.  “It’s dark.  He’s in a strange town.”

A’yuh.”  Seth agreed.  “But he’s fine.  He’s at my house.”

“What?” She turned around and stared at her friend in the light of the stars that had finally made their appearance.

“Jessie, he came to me after he left your house.  He didn’t know how to get anywhere else.”

“So that’s why you came.”  She smiled and snuggled back into his warm embrace.  “You know, Seth.  You know me too well.  It’s scary some times.”

Seth smiled.  “I do know you, and you know me.  And I know that if you wish on that star…  he tilted her head up and pointed to the North star.  “The wish you make will come true.”  He patted her cheek.

“Thank you, Seth.”  She whispered before kissing his cheek. 

“I’ll go back to the house now.  I need to let George know you’re alright.”

Jessica simply nodded, her gaze fixed on the bright star shining high in the sky above her.  She hadn’t wished on the Northern star since she was a child, but tonight she would because tonight she needed the faith she had as a child to fix the mess she’d made.

“Starlight…starbright…first star I see tonight…” she whispered, her heart making the wish her soul cried for.