--by Lizzie


My Disclaimer: I don't own MSW or the characters...I don't even own the song (I have problems with originality)...The song is "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol, except I kinda moved the lyrics around and put them in a different order. My choice. woot.



Jessica leaned into Seth as he held her after a long day.

Seth noticed her lack of energy, but wanted a moment of selfishness and he got to sit and hold her. He knew she had just endured a long day of investigating Cabot Cove’s most recent murder, and after the murderer turned out to be a mutual friend of theirs, he watched Jessica as her disappointment drained her energy.

“I just don’t understand why so many people think that murder is the necessary step, Seth,” she had told him when they had first settled in on her couch.

“I know, Jess,” was all he was able to tell her, being just as void of reasons as she was.

I don’t quite know, how to say, how I feel.

Those three words, are said too much,

They’re not enough.

If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?

“Why, Seth? Why murder?”

“I don’t know, Jessica,” he told her, once again at a loss for words. He tightened his arm around her. He felt helpless, and somehow, just holding her, just being there with her, made the world just disappear, a forgotten fragment of the day.

If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Jessica leaned into Seth as he held her after a long day. Her brain was swirling in myriad directions after her day. The day she wished she had already forgotten. How do people you know for years to be wonderful, intelligent people throw everything away over one moment of pain? How can one argument lead to murder? How could----her thoughts stopped.

There, in her living room, on her couch, she was safely in the arms of the one person who would never change. Seth. Seth had always been grouchy, irascible and curmudgeonly, with the biggest heart she had ever known anyone to have, with the possible exception of Frank. And while Frank was the only one who truly understood Jessica’s natural curiosity and gave her the space to explore, Seth was protective. Seth, though he didn’t seem so to most people, was full of grace. Though he seemed stubborn, unappreciative and arrogant to some people, between Jessica and the secrets spilled over their countless chess games, Seth was forgiving of more faults than Jessica could count and more vulnerable than anyone else could see.

I need your grace to remind me to find my own.

If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me, and just forget the world?

“Jess--” Seth began, after they’d sat on the couch, each mulling over unspoken words, for over an hour. “Maybe you should go get some sleep.”

“Seth, don’t be ridiculous. I’m fine,” Jessica replied. “It’s really only eight o’clock.”

She buried her head further into his chest, as his arms instinctively wrapped more tightly around her. It felt good to be wrapped up in his arms. No murder. No stress. Problems were a forgotten world.

“Jess--” Seth said, bringing her chin up so he could look into her eyes. “You need sleep. Let me tuck you in.”

All that I am.

All that I ever was.

Is here in your perfect eyes.

They’re all I can see.

I don’t know where.

Confused about how, as well.

Just know that these things will never change for us at all.

As Jessica let Seth lead her up the stairs and the real world came flooding back to her, she remembered what she had done that day. Sent a friend to jail. Of course the not-so-convenient part about memories is that you don’t always get the parts you want. The fact that he was guilty was no consolation. The weight of the world was a heavy burden to bear, and it weighed Jessica down as Seth gently led her up the stairs and pulled down her blankets. She had sent a friend to jail, and Seth had stuck around to see her to bed. He wasn’t as impossible as everyone thought.

“Seth,” she whispered, as Seth was pulling the covers up around her and reaching for the button on the lamp to turn it off.

“Yes, Jessica,” he responded in the same hushed tone.

“Would you stay with me tonight?”

           If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?