The Ring

-- by Lizzie Bapst


Disclaimer: I don't own MSW or the characters, I'm just playing and stretching my writing muscles. Nor am I making any money...I just want people to enjoy it.

Bright blue eyes stared at Jessica.
"Good morning, gorgeous," Frank said, kissing her on the forehead on his way to the shower.
"Good morning, wonderful," she replied, her blue eyes brightening. However tired she was, she didn't notice anymore. But then, she figured, being a little tired was probably normal for the first day of a Honeymoon. Still, her exhaustion vanished the moment Frank kissed her on the forehead.
He continued toward the shower and Jessica glowingly brushed her hair. The simple touch of his lips on her forehead reminded her how much she loved him. How much he loved her. She found her right hand twirling the ring on her left hand.
  Her ring. A simple gold band. A symbol of Frank's unceasing love for her. A circle has no end. It continues past time. Never-ending. This ring was a promise. A promise of an eternity of being totally and completely encompassed in love. An eternity---together.
  "Mrs. Frank Fletcher," she said aloud, holding out her left hand and examining her ring, again, this time allowing herself to float to a distant future.
  Children running through a grassy yard. Lemonade stands on the front sidewalk. A white picket fence. Her own garden of rose bushes, rhododendrons and gardenias. Frank, fishing in their own pond in their backyard and teaching their son to bait a hook. An adorable blue-eyed girl with blonde pig-tails running to Jessica calling for "Mommy" and helping Jessica plant the new bulbs and weed the garden.
  She felt her ring again, her face nearly aching from her constant smiling. Her thought and dreams of a future with Frank were finally on their way to materializing.
  She heard Frank turn off the water and get out of the shower. She tumbled back into bed and closed her eyes, hoping he'd think she'd fallen back asleep.
Frank, now out of the shower and wrapped in a towel, seeing Jessica asleep, went over to the bed, sat quietly on the edge and simply caressed her cheek.
  "You're gorgeous," he whispered.
  And Jessica knew that the ring was not a promise of her dreams of the future, but a promise of an even better future---a future filled with spending every day with the man she loved, and who loved her in return.