A Blue Rose From My Love

By: Viki

Disclaimer:  I don’t own the characters or MSW, just borrowing them for my enjoyment.  And if I were making money…I wouldn’t be posting on a free website.






Jessica stood just inside the door of her room, her blue eyes wide with the sight that had met her when she’d entered.  Red roses were everywhere, candles flickered in different places about the room, and a fire burned in the fireplace.  Looking to her bed, she noticed a blue rose lying on her pillow and moved to pick it up.  She knew by the color of the rose, who her surprise visitor was and turned with a smile when she heard movement behind her.

“George.”  She whispered as she touched the rose to her lips.  “It’s beautiful.”

“Reminded me of your eyes, Lass.”  He whispered as he made his way to her.  Standing in front of her, he smiled down into her beautiful face as she stared up at him.

“How did you manage this?”  she swept her hand over the room.  “I can’t believe someone didn’t report an intruder.”

George grinned.  “I had help from Sheriff Metzger, so any reports would have included him as one of the intruders.”

Jessica couldn’t help but chuckle.  “Oh, you are a sneaky one, Inspector.”

“Only when it comes to you, sweet Jessie.”

“Are you trying to charm me?”  she stared into his sparkling green eyes.

“Is it working?”  he asked as he pulled her into his arms.

“We’ll see.”  She smiled at him when he gave her a mock scowl.

“Ye ar’na good for a man’s ego, Lass.”

Jessica felt a shiver run down her spine at the sound of his lovely brogue.  “Don’t start that.”  She scolded.  “You aren’t going to use that deep brogue to get your way.”

“You mean, have my way with ye?”  He laughed when she blushed.

Pulling away from him, she put some distance between them.  “So, what else have you planned?”

George smiled as he watched her sit on the edge of her bed.  Going around to the other side, he bent down to retrieve the box he’d placed there earlier.  “Well, I think you should open this to answer your question.”

Jessica’s eyes grew wide once again as she took in the large box with a blue ribbon.  “George, what in the world?”  she exclaimed as he placed the box on the bed beside her.

“Open it and find out.”  He winked at her when she placed the rose back on her pillow then turned to the box.

Pulling the ribbon to untie it, she lifted the lid and gasped as she pushed back the blue tissue paper.  “Oh, George!”  she cried as she lifted the blue dress from the box.

“I saw it in a shop window in London, and because I was missing you so much…and the color was the color of your eyes…I couldn’t resist it.”

“It’s beautiful, but so extravagant.  You really shouldn’t have.”  She sniffed as tears came unbidden to her eyes while she moved to hold the dress up to herself in front of her full length mirror.

“Now, Jessie, don’t do that.”  George moved behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“I’m sorry, George.  It’s just so lovely.”  She looked up at him, his green eyes smiling at her from his reflection in the mirror.

“Not half as lovely as the woman who will be wearing it tonight for dinner, which I have arranged to be delivered promptly at seven.”

Shaking her head, she sniffed and smiled through her tears.  “You are such a wonderful man, George Sutherland…and I think your plan is working.”  She turned to caress his cheek.  “But only a blue rose from my love would have been enough…”