ďFuzzyĒ by SarahB

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"Yes, seven. Oh, and, ask for sugar on the rim!"

"Youíve got to be kidding..."

"Thatís the way I like it."

"A fuzzy navel with seven marachino cherries with sugar on the rim. You expect me to order that silly drink from the barkeep?" Seth grumbled incredulously.

Ideal batted her full eye lashes at him and gave him a coy little smile. Seth made his way across the crowded room at the Hill House Restaurant. At the rate his heart was softening, he knew was his reputation as an old salt was at risk. Seth and Ideal were on their first official public date. They were both nervous, espcecially Seth. And now he found himself ordering a frilly cocktail for her. He leaned against the bar and looked back her. She was watching him and gave him a little wave. He grinned at her and then turned back quickly when he realized that half the room was watching him. He cleared his throat and waved to John, the barkeep.

He whispered his order, "John, a fuzzy navel with sugar on the rim and seven marachino cherries, please."

"Whatís that you say Doc?" John said loudly.

Seth repeated his order, whispering it again.

"Doc, youíre gonna have to speak up over the din of this crowd." John had heard him but he wasnít about to let a chance like this pass him by.

Seth repeated his order again, this time loud enough for all of the men at the bar to hear him. None of them passed up the opportunity to josh the grumpy old doctor. "Donít forget the little pink umbrella, doc!"

"Harumph!" Seth growled, "Just hurry it up, John," Seth said with a pink face. "And Iíll take a Jameson on the rocks. Make it a double."

"Oh Doc, donít keep the lady waiting."

"Thatís right, ply her with sweet little drinks."

All the men laughed. Fortunately John was deft at pouring so Seth hurried back to the table with the cocktails.

"Thank you, Seth," Ideal said with a smile as she accepted the pretty drink from him. She took a long sip through the little cocktail stirrer.

"Uh, Ideal, you shouldnít drink alcohol through a straw."

"No? Oh, well, I always do. Mmmmm, this is good. I just love a nice sweet cocktail."

"Mmmm hmmmm." Seth took a swig of his Irish whiskey. He tapped his foot nervously to the fast tune that the band was playing.

They both looked around the room, carefully avoiding each otherís eyes and only making small talk.

Finally, the band segued into a slower ballad. Seth took another swallow of the Jamesonís and pushed his chair back He held his hand out to Ideal. She looked up at him and smiling, took his hand and rose. He led her through the maze of other couples to the center of the dance floor. He took her in his arms and began to waltz her around the dance floor to the familar tune.

"Seth, I had no idea that youíre such a good dancer. Youíre so... light on your feet."

"Ayuh. Well, I suppose itís my little hidden talent."

He pulled her closer and pressed his cheek to hers.

After the dance was over, they returned to their table. Each feeling more at ease now, they began to enjoy the date. Seth didnít mind ordering a second fuzzy navel with seven marachino cherries for Ideal. "Another sweet for my sweet," he said without a hint of annoyance his voice as he returned to the bar to place the order.