Two Plus a Pair

By: Viki

Disclaimer:  I don’t own the characters or MSW, just borrowing them for my enjoyment.  And if I were making money…I wouldn’t be posting on a free website.





Seth shook his head.  “Since he came to town, she’s not been two steps from his side.”

“Well, now, Doc.  They haven’t seen each other in over three months.  You can’t blame her.”  Mort looked at the couple across the room currently standing with arms around each other as they chatted with a young couple that had recently moved to Cabot Cove.

Sighing, Seth nodded.  “You’re right.  I can’t blame her.” 

“You miss her.”

“Of course I do, but don’t misunderstand.  I’m happy for her.  This is what Frank would have wanted.”

“He must have been a wonderful man for her to be alone for so long.”

“He was.  You would’ve liked him, Mort.  They were everyone’s favorite couple.  They were always invited to parties because everyone loved to be around them.”

“They were that in love?”  Mort smiled as he watched Jessica lean closer to George and place a kiss to his cheek as they moved out onto the dance floor.

“Yes, they were.”  Seth nodded, watching George cuddle Jessica close.  “I never thought I’d see another couple that in love.”

“But they are.”  Mort pointed to the couple now swaying in time to the music.

Seth nodded then changed the subject.  “Jess ask you to come over after the party?”

“She did.  Told me she and George had something to tell us.”  Mort laughed when Jessica pinched George’s arm.  “What do you think it’s about?”

“I think it’s about that ring she’s wearin’ on her finger.” 

“Ring?  I hadn’t noticed that it was different.”

“Her wedding band is now on her right finger.”  Seth pointed out.

“So it is.”  Mort nodded when he finally got a chance to see Jessica’s hands.  “So do you think they’ll ever take the next step?”

Seth sighed and shrugged his shoulders.  “I honestly don’t know how they will, Mort.  He lives on the other side of the world and they both have careers that keep them extremely busy.”

“And neither one of them are willing to leave their homes.”





Jessica leaned against George’s chest.  “I think Seth took it well.”

Kissing her soft hair, George nodded and held her a bit tighter.  “He’s happy for you, Lass.  He only wants you to be happy.”

“I know.”  She nodded.  “He’s in love with me, you know.”

George blinked.  How does she know that? he wondered silently.  “He is?”

Again she nodded.  “Has been for a long time, but he tries to hide it.”

“He doesn’t think you know.”

Jessica pulled back to look at him.  “How do you know that?”

“He told me.  He doesn’t want you to know because he doesn’t want to lose the friendship the two of you have.”

Jessica sighed and snuggled back into George’s arms.  “I never meant to hurt him.”

“He knows that, Jessie.  And I don’t think you have.  He’s happy for you.  Remember…he’s the one that talked some sense into this stubborn Scot.”

She leaned back once more and smiled up at him.  “And I’ll always be very grateful to him for that.”

“Come on then, Lassie.  Let’s get you to bed.  You’re exhausted.”  He lifted her into his arms.

“George!  Put me down.”  She fussed but didn’t really try to get out of his arms.

“Now, Lassie…just hush and let me carry ye to bed.”

“All right,” she whispered and wrapped her arms about his neck, resting her head against his shoulder.

As the couple ascended the stairs, neither realized that they’d left their slippers in front of the fire.

Two plus a pair, side by side.