#73 Cell Phone

-- by Lizzie


Disclaimer: Same as always: I don't own they character, I just treat them like my best friends. I'm not making the money I *WANT* to make writing. :-P


Dr. Seth Hazlitt stepped off a plane in New York City unsure of his spontaneity.

            “Seth, I’m not having this argument with you,” Jessica had told him at the start of their argument the night before. “Not over the phone.”

            “I worry about you, Jessica, as your friend and your doctor.”

            “Seth, I’m fine. I’ll make an appointment next month.”

            “Jessica, this is important. Your health is at stake,” Seth’s grip on the phone tightened as he reminded Jessica in his “doctor voice.”

            “I don’t need your ‘doctor voice,’ Seth. I said I’ll do it next month.”

            “Cancel your plans and do it now, Jess. It doesn’t sound like something you should be waiting to find out about.”

            “It’s just a small bump, really, that I never noticed before, that’s all.”

            “It needs attention.”

            “It’s not a middle-child, Seth, it’s a bump. And I feel fine. But I’m booked solid for a month. I have tours. Interviews.”

            “Didn’t your father have cancer?” Seth asked.

            “I don’t understand what that has to do with---“

            “That makes it more important that you find out as much as you can as soon as possible.”

            “Seth, I said I’d do it.”

            “I don’t want anything to happen to you, Jess,” Seth nearly whispered.

            “You’re not going to lose me, Seth. I promise.”

            “Then schedule something. Now.”

            “One month won’t make a difference.”

            “One day makes a difference.”

            “Seth, don’t exaggerate.”

            “For an intelligent woman, you’re being awfully stupid,” Seth told her bitterly.

            “What do you want from me, Seth? I know you’re concerned. I know you think it might be a big deal. But I know what’s going on with my body a little better than you do.”

            “Jessica, do I have to make an appointment for you myself?”

            “Seth. Enough. I’ll do it. Just butt out! You’re only being this crazy about it because of Ruth, anyway. I’m not Ruth, and I’m fine!”

            The phone call ended abruptly.

            Jessica rested her head in her hands on the table in front of her.

            And Seth found himself inside JFK airport holding a cell phone and scrolling, as best as he could with his sizeable fingers, through his phone book, debating whether or not to call Jessica before he arrived at her apartment.

*author's note*: Just a friendly reminder, too, for all you women out there---do make sure you're making healthy choices and paying extremely close attention, especially to breast health. Especially now that so much can be prevented by early detection!