Laptop Rendezvous

By SarahB


I donít own any of the characters, Iím not trying to maliciously step on anybodyís copyright, and Iím certainly not making any money from writing this.



Jessica turned over again in the bed for what felt like the hundredth time.She finally sat up, turned the light on and swung her legs out from under the rumpled sheets.ď3:00 a.m.,Ē she said out loud with a sigh.She stood up and stretched and walked to the window.†† It was still pitch black outside and was so still that not even a breeze seemed to be blowing.†† She picked up a book from the dresser but it didnít interest her.†† She put on her robe and grabbed her laptop.She tiptoed down the hallway and stairs to the kitchen.††


In the kitchen, she put the tea kettle on and selected a bag of chamomile tea and a mug.†† After the water boiled and she brewed her mug of tea she sat at the kitchen table and she opened her laptop.Luckily, there was wireless internet in the house.She opened her latest book file but that didnít interest her either.†† She closed the file and opened the internet explorer.She had just logged on to her photo account and was looking at pictures of their vacation when a bell rang announcing the arrival of an instant message.


InspectorBoy01: Hello, love.

MysteryGirl 02: Hello darling, you canít sleep either?

InspectorBoy01: Not a wink.This is torture.Tell me again why weíre in separate rooms?

MysteryGirl 02: George, donít start.I donít like this either.††

InspectorBoy01: I know, love.How many more hours until day break so I can at least see your face?

MysteryGirl02: Too many hours, Iím afraid.

InspectorBoy01: Do you think Grady likes me?Is the verdict still out?

MysteryGirl02: LOL.Oh George, of course he likes you.††

InspectorBoy01: He seems suspicious to me.†† He even asked me what my intentions are.

MysteryGirl02: He did?!What did you say?

InspectorBoy01: I think you know.

MysteryGirl02: Well, I think I know but Iíd still like to hear it from you.

InspectorBoy01: Thatís a mystery youíll have to solve later.

MysteryGirl02: Not even a hint?

InspectorBoy01: Not even a hint.†† Remember, patience is a virtue.

MysteryGirl02: You should practice what you preach, dear.

InspectorBoy01: LOL, you got me there.†† How about I slip into your room for a while...

MysteryGirl02: No George!Grady and Donnaís room is right next to mine.††

IspectorBoy01: Then you could come here...

MysteryGirl02: Tempting I admit...but George, this isnít for long.Please understand.

InspectorBoy01: Oh I understand, I just donít like it.†† I really canít sleep without you.Do you realize this is the first time weíve slept apart in four months?

MysteryGirl02: Oh course I realize it.But dear, I donít think itís ďsleepĒ that youíre thinking of...

InspectorBoy01: Guilty as charged.††

MysteryGirl02: LOL.I knew it.†† How about some warm milk to help you sleep?

InspectorBoy01: Good idea.Meet you in the kitchen?

MysteryGirl02: Iím already there.