#85 Heels


By Sarah


Usual disclaimer - just borrowing these wonderful characters for a little fun.


Jessica was relieved to step into the warm bar, out of the blustery Chicago weather.  She admired the atmosphere of the establishment, unlike most hotel bars that she had been in.   Of course, this was no ordinary hotel.  This was the venerable Drake Hotel.   The room was glowing with soft tea lights and buzzing with laughter and talk between friends enjoying drinks and companionship.   Most of the patrons seemed to be regulars rather than the typical business travelers.   She shed her winter outerwear and left them with the coat check girl.   She ran her fingers through her hair, having freed it from the constraints of her hat.  She pulled her compact out and checked her lipstick and then straightened her skirt.  Satisfied with her appearance, she scanned the bar for the one whom she was meeting.  Spotting him, she stood for a moment to observe him.  She sighed inwardly, taking in the sight of him.   He had a tumbler of golden liquid in front of him, probably his favorite Scotch, she thought.  He was chatting with the bartender and a couple of young women sitting next to him.   The young women seemed to be taken with him, she thought, as she noticed the flirty smiles on their faces.  She couldn't blame them.  He was the most handsome, most elegant man in the room, in any room.   Finally, she stepped forward to assert her claim on him.   Step aside, girls, he's taken, she said to herself.

She approached him, squeezing in between his barstool and one of the women, and put her arm around him.   He looked at her with a bemused smile on his face, and said, "Excuse me, do I know you?"

She replied, "No, but you're about to."

He laid some cash on the bar to pay for his drink and then slid off the stool.   He took her hand and led her to the secluded corner table.   He pulled the chair out for her and when she had taken her seat, he leaned in and gave her a welcoming kiss.  

She smiled up at him. "Hello, George."

"Hello, Jess," he replied. 

 As he took his own seat next to her, he glanced back at his former bar companions with a satisfied look on his face.  The young women and the barkeep were looking back at him, laughing and applauding him.  

George said, "You're a sly one."  As he took her hand and lifted it to his lips, kissing it tenderly, he said, "Oh darling, cold hands!"

"Yes, but a warm heart," she said with a gentle laugh.

"Warm heart, indeed.   How did the signing go this afternoon?"

"It was fine – a large crowd.   I have writer's cramp from all of those autographs."

"I’d better kiss it again and make it all better," he said, lifting her hand to his lips again.    "A drink?"

"Definitely.  I think just a glass of wine, a merlot I think."

George looked around for a waiter and seeing that he was busy, he said, "I'll be right back."   He strode to the bar and placed his order.  He leaned casually against the bar and looked back at Jessica.  She crossed her long legs, allowing her split skirt to fall open, revealing svelte thighs that disappeared beneath the black lace trim of her slip.  George gazed at her legs with rapt admiration and then glanced up to catch the look in her eyes.   He felt the color rising in his cheeks as the barman cleared his throat in an attempt to gain George's attention.   George left more cash on the bar and gathered up Jessica's wine and his second Scotch with a grin.

They touched rims and each took a sip of their drinks.  "Mmm, good wine," Jess commented.

"Good," he replied, taking another sip of his Chivas. 

He told Jessica about his day of visiting the Field Museum.   He regaled her with a tale of joining a tour group of boy scouts there for a field trip.   "I was the only single for that hour and they asked me if I minded.   You haven't lived until you've seen 'Sue' with a group of 9 year old boys."


"Yes, that's what she's called – she's a T-rex."

Jessica laughed, "I bet."

They fell into a companionable silence. 

At length, George surmised, "I suppose you're knackered, Jess."
"Hmmm, not really."

"So, hungry for dinner?"

"Definitely," she said, indulging in another sip of the delicious merlot.
"Good.  Any preferences?"


She shook her head 'no'.


She shook her head 'no'.


Again, she shook her head 'no'.

He grinned.  "Picky tonight?"

"Not really," she said as she took another sip of her wine.    She shifted in her chair, hooking her foot behind George's leg.   She took his hand in hers, discretely pulling it to her lap.  She laid his hand on her thigh, leaned a little closer to him and kissed his cheek.    She laughed as George cleared his throat and adjusted his tie, his face flushing again.

"Ah, room service?"

She nodded 'yes' this time.  

George wasted no time in standing.  He took her hand and helped her up.  She handed him her coat check ticket and he collected their coats, leaving a tip in the basket for the girl at the counter.  Because the bar was connected to the hotel, there was no reason to don their cumbersome coats so George draped them over his arm and took Jessica's hand.  


Once in their room, George busied himself with hanging up their coats.  Jessica slipped out of her suit jacket, kicked off her heels and fell onto the soft sofa of their Gold Coast suite. She took an appreciative look around the room decorated in peach and sage green and sighed.    As George approached the sofa to join her, she lifted her legs so that he could slip under them.   After he settled, he began to massage her feet.  

"Ooooh, George, that feels good.   Those heels were starting to hurt," she sighed again.

"Aye, but you look bloody sexy in them."

"Then I'll wear them more often."

"Only for me, though."

"Count on it," she said, closing her eyes.

"What's the schedule tomorrow, Jess?"

Her eyes fluttered opened as she contemplated her schedule.  She answered, "Hmm, let's see.  I have the lunch interview with the book editor at the Tribune...then, uh, oh yes, the show taping, now you're coming to that, right?"

"Are you sure you want me there?  Isn't it a ladies' program?"
She laughed. "Well, it's a talk show, not exactly a ladies' program.   You'll be more than welcome, besides I want you with me."

"Then, that’s enough reason for me to be there," he conceded.  "So, dinner, my love?"

"George, I'm not as hungry as I thought I was.  But do order something for yourself."

"I was hoping you weren't hungry," he said, a sly smile on his face.    His skilled hands began to travel up her shapely legs.

"I thought so," she responded.   Suddenly, George was on top of her.

"How did you manage that trick?" she asked, pulling his face closer to hers.

"Like it, did you?"

"Aye," she said, mimicking his Scottish brogue.

"Och, lassie, I have a few tricks up my sleeve."

"Show them to me?" she asked.

"Gladly," George responded, just before his lips met hers in a deep kiss.  

Jessica put her hands under his sweater and pulled his shirt out from his slacks. Just as she caressed his warm skin, George further explored Jessica's body, all the while kissing her passionately.

At length, they parted. George smiled at Jessica as he looked deeply into her eyes. "Want to see what else I can do?"

Jessica answered him not in words, but in actions. She encouraged him to sit up and then stood herself.  When he began to rise, she pushed him back against the sofa.   She leaned forward and whispered, "Now let me show you one of my tricks."

She disappeared into the bedroom.  She was back in moments, wearing a silvery blue negligee.    As she approached him, George grinned and said, "Wah!" 

"I thought you'd like this trick," she said, settling herself onto his lap.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him fully on his lips.   She pulled back and looked at his handsome face. 

“Jessie, ye takmah breath awa’,” George said, his accent slipping into his native Scottish, as it so often did when he was near her.   

 Still cradling her in his arms, he stood up and carried her to the bedroom.   He eased her to her feet next to the luxurious king sized sleigh bed.  He enveloped her in his arms, kissing her fiercely.  She helped him out his sweater and shirt and ran her hands over his chest, reaching up to kiss his neck.   She lifted her arms, while he pulled her negligee over her head and she helped him out of his slacks.   He lifted her on to the bed and lay down beside her.   

George, I love you so much,” Jessica said breathlessly.  He looked into her big blue eyes and saw a reflection of every emotion he himself felt.  He kissed her again, and at length said, "I love you, Jessie, more than anything."

George savored the taste of her soft skin as he nuzzled her neck and planted kisses down her body.   In turn, she relished the warmth and strength of his firm body against hers as she ran her fingers over him.   Finally, she pulled him closer to her and whispered, “George, now.”    Taking her suggestion to heart, he joined her in a cadence of passion.   They felt the matchless sublimity of their love making together.  Just when the blaze threatened to burn out of control, they reached the summit together.   She called out his name just as he smothered her mouth with his own. 

At length, he cupped her face and looked in to her eyes.  She reached up and pushed his hair back from his glistening forehead.   “Wow,” she said, her heart still beating like a drum in her chest. 

“Wow, indeed.  That wasn't just any old trick, that was like magic, Jess,” George responded as he adjusted his position and pulled her into his arms.   She shifted and kissed him again, before settling contentedly against his body.

The following morning, they indulged in a room service breakfast.  Jessica poured herself a second cup of coffee and picked up a second English muffin, “Mmm, these are so good.  I can’t believe I’m so hungry!”

“Jess, you worked up quite an appetite with all of that magic you were up to last night.”

“Me?  You were the magician, I was just the assistant.”

“Come here, cheeky lassie,” he said chuckling and pulling her out her chair and into his lap.   He pushed the lush terry cloth robe back from her bare shoulder and kissed her neck.  

George, I have to get ready for my interviews.”

“We have time...besides, I can’t help myself.   The longer I know you, the more impossible it is for me to keep my hands off of you.”

“So I’ve noticed,” she said, patting him on the face, “Not that I’m not complaining.”  She kissed him quickly and hopped up from his lap.  “But first, I’m still hungry!”

George groaned, “Insatiable as usual.”

“Look who's calling who insatiable, George!” she said, laughing.

“Right, the pot calling the kettle black?” he responded with twinkling eyes.   “By the way, what are you wearing today to your television interview?”

“My new blue Chanel suit,” she said, taking another bite of fruit.

“And those sexy heels?” he asked.

She glanced up at him and caught the look on his face.  This time she jumped up and pulled him with her.  “Only if I get another foot massage!”