# 87 - Jeans


By Sarah - As usual, I don't own these characters and this is just for fun.




George was only half listening to the morning news program when he choked on his coffee and ended up spilling it down his shirt and tie. "Bloody hell," he muttered, jumping up to keep the coffee off his slacks.

Hearing him coughing, Jessica called out to him, "George, you okay?"

He mumbled a response that he was fine. He turned off the television and headed back to the bedroom to change in to a new shirt and tie.

Already wearing her coat, Jessica came in to check on him. "George?"

"Ah, yes, just fine. Coffee must have gone down the wrong way."

Jessica patted him on his back. "Okay then. What time will you be home tonight?"

When George didn't answer, she repeated her question. "Oh, sorry, love. I shouldn't be late tonight. Let's stay in?"

"Sounds like a good plan," she said with a wink. She reached up and kissed him. "Well, I'm off. Have a good day."

"Aye, you have a good day too. I love you."

"And I love you, too," she responded, giving him a smile and patting his face.

George followed suit and left the apartment for his office across town. The words "more and more older women are now becoming first-time mothers" from the news piece were practically ringing in his ears. He was unable to concentrate on any of the tasks at hand and he was grateful that he had no meetings scheduled. His thoughts were on Jessica all day and by mid-afternoon he had developed a headache. Finally deciding that it was useless being in the office, he told his assistant to have a good weekend and caught a cab home.

After changing into a pair of Levis and a t-shirt, he grabbed a Coke from the refrigerator and headed to Jessica's home office. He logged on to her computer and started a Google search. His first stop was the website of the news program that he had been watching that morning. He clicked on articles regarding studies on middle-age pregnancy. He didn't know if he felt panic or excitement about the subject. Since becoming a couple, the topic had never come up nor had it even crossed his mind to bring it up. He wondered if Jessica even thought about it.

Deciding that it was definitely a possibility, he logged off the internet and sat back in the chair, letting his thoughts wander to "what if". He couldn't imagine being a father at this point in his life. On the other hand, it would be amazing to have a child with Jessica. He knew that their child would be the most beautiful, intelligent child ever born to such a woman as Jessica. This led him to think about why Jessica didn't have children. The only thing she had ever said was that she and Frank had not been blessed with children, although they had wanted them. She had not gone into details and he had not pressed her.

The sound of the door opening jolted him out of his day dreaming. He strolled into the living room to find Jessica shedding her coat.

"Hello, love," he said, taking her into his arms and kissing her fully on her lips.

"Mmmm, now that's what I call a welcome. You look comfortable," she said, noting that he was wearing jeans. Mmmm, he looks fine in those jeans, she thought to herself with an inward smile. "What are you doing home so early?"

"I had a headache earlier and decided it was useless to fight it in the office."

"Oh no, feeling better now?" she asked taking him by the hand and leading him to the sofa.

He sank down on the sofa, pulling her with him. "I'm feeling much better now."

"Good. That's what I like to hear."

George pulled her into his arms and held her tightly. He was silent for a long moment before finally getting the courage up to talk to her. "Er, Jess? I think there's something that we should talk about."

"Mmmmhmmm," she said. She turned her head and began planting kisses on his neck. She worked her away around to his face and finally met his mouth with hers. She slipped her hands underneath George's t-shirt and ran her hands lightly up and down his bare back. "George, let's go in the other room," she suggested with a whisper in his ear.

George was having trouble concentrating. "Wait, Jess."

"Wait? Are you sure?" she said with a little laugh, kicking off her shoes and then pulling him down with her as she lay back on the sofa.

George momentarily succumbed to her provocative advances, but came back to himself when the words of the articles he had just read returned to the forefront of his thoughts. He pushed himself back up to a sitting position.

"I think there's something that we should talk about."

Feeling confused at his unusual behavior, she too sat up and asked "Is everything okay?"

"Yes, but..." he said. After hesitating, he cleared his throat and continued, "Do you remember this morning when I choked?"

"Yes. You said you were fine. Are you okay?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, yes, quite fine," he responded. He hesitated again.

"Well?" she asked, placing her hand on his face and prompting him.

"Well, um, on the news this morning there was a segment about becoming a mother after age 50."

"And?" she asked, quickly withdrawing her hand from his face.

"Well, uh, are we okay?"

"Are we okay? George, what are you asking?"

"I mean, is it a possibility for us?" he asked.

She sat back and looked at him with wide eyes, unable to formulate a response.

George took her hand in his and kissed it. "Having a baby with you would be the most extraordinary thing that ever happened to me, Jess."


As she felt tears beginning to sting her eyes, she looked down and sat quietly for a long moment. Finally she pulled her hand out of his and got up from the sofa. George didn't follow her as she went to their bedroom. She closed the door behind her and then went into the bathroom, closing that door as well. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, before bursting into tears. She put her face in her hands and began to sob, her shoulders heaving in the emotional outpour. She heard the bedroom door open and then a soft knock on the bathroom door.


"Jess, are you alright?" George asked softly. "Jessie?"

She opened the door to face him. He pulled her into his arms and murmured, "I'm sorry, Jessica, I didn't mean to upset you."

He led her to sit beside him on the bed, put his hand gently under her chin and raised her face so that her gaze met his. Reaching over to the nightstand, he grabbed a tissue for her. "Darling, dry those pretty eyes," he said, wiping her face gently with the tissue and kissing her forehead softly.

"I'm sorry, George," she said quietly.

"Sorry for what? It was me who was overcome with a silly daydream," he said, shaking his head from side to side.

"No, George, you couldn't help it. I am beyond touched that you would want a child with me. I just never talk about this part of my life. Frank and I..." she paused, searching for the right words.

"Shhhh, it's okay. You don't have to say anything."

"No, I want to tell you. I wanted children more than anything. Frank and I were never able to conceive. It was one false alarm after another. We talked about adoption, but I wanted my own babies," she said, stifling more tears.

"Did you ever see a doctor?"

"Yes, of course. I went to more than one specialist. It was very stressful but I was determined. All the while, I was getting older and it was becoming more and more impossible. Frank was so patient. Every minute I acted like a woman obsessed, although he never fought with me about it. He would just suggest adoption again or point out how blessed we were with all of our nieces and nephews. Just as I was beginning hormone treatments, Grady came to live with us and I was so worried about him. I was also so busy making sure that he become acclimated to his new surroundings and life without his own parents, that I began skipping my treatments. I think it was sort of Freudian that I missed those shots. Finally, it just wasn't important anymore. Having Grady with us was more fulfilling than I could have ever dreamed," she finished with a smile.

George nodded, "Now even more I know why he's so important to you."

"Yes, he is. And it wasn't long after that when we lost Frank. I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't have been for Grady."

George squeezed her tightly to him, stroking her hair with his other hand.

She looked up at him.

"I'm glad you told me. You would have made an amazing mother, Jess," he said, and added, "Actually, you are an amazing mother to Grady."

"Thank you. You would make an amazing father, George."

"Thanks," he said, leaning forward and kissing her lightly on her lips.

"Did you and Elizabeth want children?"

"Aye. We were just starting to try when she was killed."

"Oh, George, I am so sorry," she said, reaching up and stroking his face.

"Aye, well. I'm not a fatalist, but I guess everything happens for a reason."

"I agree with you on that, George."

"So, we're okay?"

"We're more than okay," Jessica responded with a grin. She reached up and kissed him fully on his mouth before standing up.

"So, uh, Jess, we don't need to worry either way?"

"Not a bit. Let's just say that ship has sailed, shall we?"
"Right, I understand. So age does have some advantages after all?"

"You can say that again. Now, before everything became so serious, I was thinking to myself that I had two options."

Intrigued, George asked, "Two options?"

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor and then began unbuttoning her blouse as she walked to her closet. She pulled out a pair of jeans and said, "Well, I was thinking that I could either slip into these jeans...or..."

"Yes?" he asked with raised eyebrows and a grin, taking in the site of her standing before him in nothing but her lacy lingerie.

"Or, I could help you out of your jeans," she said, crossing the floor back to where he stood.

He laughed and scooped her up into his arms, "Definitely, option number two!"