Sweet Nothings

By: Viki

Disclaimer:  I don’t own the characters or MSW, just borrowing them for my enjoyment.  And if I were making money…I wouldn’t be posting on a free website.





Jessica sighed as she stared at her computer screen.  She really needed to finish this last chapter of her book, but her mind just wouldn’t concentrate on anything but the man she’d just said goodbye to only a few short hours ago.

“Oh, George…  she whispered.  “I miss you so.” 

Sighing once more, she gave up on trying to write, saved her work, and shut down her computer.  Getting up from her desk, she frowned when she noticed a yellow piece of paper sticking out from under a folder at the corner of her desk.  How she had missed it earlier, she had no clue, but she reached for it then smiled when she saw what was on the sticky-note.

“I’ll miss seeing your beautiful face at the first light of day, Lassie.”

Sniffing, she wiped at a tear as she held the note to her heart.  “I’ll miss seeing you first thing in the morning as well.”  She murmured before placing the note in her pocket to be taken to her room and placed among the other small things George had given her over the years.

Taking a side trip to her kitchen, she decided she wanted a cup of tea before bed and pulled out the items needed to do just that.  Seeing the corner of a green paper, she laughed when she realized it was another sticky-note.

“George Sutherland, you’re a crazy man.”  She chuckled as she pulled the note from her tea tin and read his words.

“These eyes will never tire of watching you do even the simplest things…like making a cup of tea before you head up to bed.”

“Aww.”  Then she realized he was color coding his notes, and shook her head.  “Always a professional,” she laughed.  She remembered when she had realized that as an Inspector with Scotland Yard, George had a system of doing things at the office that bled over into his personal life.  The first time she had been let into his private world, she realized that color coding everything was one of the systems.  Even his closet had been color coded, his drawers…everything about his London apartment and room at Sutherland Castle had been the same way.

“And now he’s color coding his notes to me.  Yellow for the rising sun, and green for his eyes.”  She smiled and turned her attention back to fixing her tea when she heard the kettle begin to whistle. 

Stirring the steaming liquid, she flipped the switch to turn off the lights and headed up the stairs to her bedroom.  Yawning, she walked to the box she kept her special things from George in, lifted the lid and laughed.  “Crazy,” she whispered as she picked up a pink sticky-note.

“Did I remember to tell you that I love the color of your cheeks after we’ve shared a few kisses?”

Jessica felt her face growing warm as she thought of the kisses he was surely referring to.  “Oh, yes, my darling man … you most certainly remembered to tell me.”  She placed the other notes within the box and replaced the lid before turning to her drawer to draw out the shirt George had left for her to wear to feel close to him.

Slipping out of her clothes, she closed her eyes as she slid her arms into his shirt and began to button it.  “It’s not as good as the real thing, but it will have to do,” she murmured before opening her eyes and making her way to her bed.

A small, tender, smile played on her lips when she reached to turn down her bed only to find another sticky-note … this time in blue.  Sliding beneath the covers, she waited until she was settled against her pillow before reading this note…knowing that it would be the final one she’d find.

“By now you’ve found all the notes I’ve left, and have realized that they are color coded to match the things I’m talking about.  And, you’ve no doubt realized that this one will be about your eyes.  I will miss those beautiful blue eyes smiling at me from across the room, or twinkling in mischief as you beat me at a game of chess or tease me with your kisses.  I shall miss seeing the blue of your beautiful sea reflected in those eyes as you stare out at it, your thoughts lost to another time and place.  But most of all…I shall miss the way your beautiful eyes become like sapphires in our most intimate moments.  I shall miss you, Lassie…every day until I shall see those beautiful eyes smiling at me once more.  I love you, Jessie…and sleep well, my love…George.”

Tears rolled from her blue eyes as she held his beautiful note to her heart.  “Such beautiful sweet nothings,” she whispered before reaching to turn out the light, his note still clasped in her hand.