--by Melissa


“Good morning beautiful,” George stated as his love opened her beautiful blue eyes.  As he started to laugh, Jessica looked on at him with utter confusion written all over her face. 

“What? Do I really look that bad?”

Still laughing George lifted up a strand of her hair, “You missed some paint, Lassie.”

With a content smile on her face Jessica’s mind wandered back to the event of the previous afternoon...


“Jess it’s going to be dark soon, why don’t we go in and finish this up tomorrow.”

“We only have a little left and if you paint more and talk less I’m certain we’ll be able to finish before the sun goes down.”  About ten minutes later as the finished painting the very last board in the fence Jessica stated, “See, George, we’re done and the sun hasn’t even set yet.”

Mumbling to himself, “Yeah but it’s setting now and I’m hungry.”

Hearing him and feeling the overwhelming urge to tease him Jessica shot back with, “Awe, George is hungry.”

            In retaliation George flicked his wrist holding the paintbrush causing Jessica to be splattered all over with white paint.

            “Hey, you’re supposed to be painting the fence not me,” but as she was saying this George splattered her again.

            “Oh this is war!” Jessica stated as she picked up her brush and started flicking him with paint…