A Motherís Day Card from Grady

(Gum #99)

-- by Stephanie


Jessica sat down at her kitchen table and broke the seal on a pale purple envelope that had accompanied a large bouquet of pink lilies.Although Grady was not her son, he never forgot to acknowledge the important place that she held in his life on Motherís Day.


Inside, she found a beautiful card in pastels that read,




There are never too many sunny days,


Perfect little moments,


Or reasons to wish a wonderful aunt like you


A happy Motherís Day.


Written beneath the greeting was a short message from the man who she and Frank had taken in as a young boy, and who they had watched grow into a young man, a college graduate, and in later years, a man who she had proudly watched become a wonderful husband and a loving father.


Aunt Jess,


Thank you for always believing in me and teaching me to believe in myself and to dream big.(And thanks for opting for a new hairstyle instead of grounding me when I was learning to blow bubbles and my gum miraculously took flight, landing in your hair.)Youíre the best.





PS Ė Little Frank is the new middle school bubble gum blowing champion and Donna has a new hairdo.


Note:greeting card by BlueMountain.