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Dr. Anne Del Borgo is a veterinarian practicing on the coast of Maine. Born in Potsdam, New York, and more recently hailing from Cape Vincent, New York, Anne graduated from Williams College in 1995 with a double major in Biology and English. She attended the Cornell College of Veterinary medicine in Ithaca, New York and achieved her degree as doctor of veterinary medicine in 1999.

Anne now lives in Maine with her cats, Tristan, Olorin and Joey, her pug dog Ariel, her Labrador retriever Glorfindel, and her husband, Bob. In addition to her other creative writing projects, she has been the author of the weekly syndicated column Advice from the Vet (also known in some circles as the biweekly Pet Vet), which at one point appeared in five Maine newspapers. She owns and operates her own companion animal veterinary practice in midcoast Maine, an enterprise that keeps her very busy (and out of trouble).

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