Writing About Murder, She Wrote: Archival Materials

Over the years I've managed to gather a number of magazine and newspaper articles written about Murder, She Wrote and Angela Lansbury. Now, thanks to the technological magic of the flatbed scanner, I can share them with all of you.

For starters, here are various articles written up in TV Guide Magazine. Forgive the tape marks along the page edges; these are, after all, taken from my personal archives and are several years old. In addition, I have discovered with time and experience that not all transparent tape is created equally! So try to look past my imperfect skills as an archivist and enjoy the content.

If I get another nice block of time to play with, I'll try to get some newspaper clippings and articles from other magazines up sometime in the future.

Clicking on the thumbnail of each page will show you a full-sized version that I hope you'll find big enough to read. If it isn't, I apologize; I'm having a dickens of a time figuring out how to make the images large enough to see without taking up too much disc space ... or taking forever for them to open on your computer.

The Big Mystery: Why is She Enduring "Almost Forced Labor"?

Robert MacKenzie, TV Guide, March 9th, 1985, p10-12

"I Have to be Bullheaded"

Bill Davidson, TV Guide, February 15th, 1986, p25-30

It Can Be Murder Putting This Show Together

Susan Littwin, TV Guide, January 3rd, 1987, p4-9

What a Crime! Look What They've Done to Angela Lansbury

Susan Littwin, TV Guide, December 24th, 1988, p28-30

Does She Push Too Hard? A Report Card on Barbara Walters

Roderick Townley, TV Guide, July 4th, 1987, p2-5

My Show, She Wrote

Mary Murphy, TV Guide, December 26th, 1992, p8-11

That's All, She Wrote

Robert Masello, TV Guide, November 4th, 1995, p26-29

On to the Next Chapter

Angela Lansbury, TV Guide, May 18th, 1996, p38-39

Review: Murder, She Wrote

Robert MacKenzie, TV Guide, December 15th, 1984, p56

Fringe Benefits

author unknown, TV Guide, issue date unknown, p18

The Collins Report: How CBS Will Change Murder, She Wrote

Monica Collins, TV Guide, issue date unknown, page unknown

All the Best of CBS

author unknown, TV Guide, issue date unknown, pages unknown

Getting Away With Murder

author unknown, TV Guide, issue date unknown, page unknown

No Thanks, Miss Daisy: That's All She Wrote

author unknown, TV Guide, February 22nd, 1992, page unknown

Murder, She Wrote: Will It Be Murder, They Wrote?

author unknown, TV Guide, issue date unknown, page unknown

Wrap Parties: Series Sign Off With Special Episodes

Ileane Rudolph, TV Guide, issue date unknown, p65-66

Murder, She Winked: Lansbury Clues in Fans

author unknown, TV Guide, issue date unknown, page unknown

Psst! Here's How to Solve Those TV Murders - Before Ben Matlock or Jessica Fletcher Do

Dick O'Donnell, TV Guide, July 30th, 1988, p 8-9

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