The Really Big Scrapbook: Archival Materials

Over the years I've managed to gather a number of magazine and newspaper articles written about Murder, She Wrote and Angela Lansbury - I started in 1984, so you can imagine how many clippings I've amassed in all that time. Now, thanks to the technological magic of the flatbed scanner digital camera with 9 megapixels, I can share them with all of you. I'll be posting them a bit at a time, starting at the beginning, with the oldest specimens from my collection.

I should explain that this "scrapbook" of mine is nothing like the beautiful scrapbooks people create now. Except for the fact that everything is mounted to yellow paper (which I have always thought sets off newsprint very nicely), it's very plain. And there are a lot of things I learned the hard way as I went along, because back in the day I didn't really know what I was doing. For instance: who knew that not all transparent tape is created equally? In my defense, I was only eleven when I started.

So try to look past my imperfect skills as an archivist and enjoy the content.

Clicking on the thumbnail of each page will show you a full-sized version that I hope you'll find big enough to read. If it isn't, I apologize; I'm having a dickens of a time figuring out how to make the images large enough to see without taking up too much disc space ... or taking forever for them to open on your computer.

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