The Definitive Guide to Season 5

Season Five

88. J.B., As in Jailbird
Jessica is charged with a murder she only witnessed, and then is left to simmer in the slammer to protect her from the real killer, an international assassin.

Michael Haggerty – Len Cariou
Grady Fletcher – Michael Horton
Donna Mayberry – Debbie Zipp
Sgt. Nash – Michael Callan
Sgt. Joe Santiago – Ron O’Neil
Kevin Styles – Sam Behren
Roger Travis – Maxwell Caulfield
Lancaster – John Rhys-Davies
Ivanov – Joseph Ruski
Glenda – Leslie Easterbrook
Veronica – Maureen Arthur

89. A Little Night Work
After a political fundraiser, someone closes the book on a publisher with senatorial aspirations – and apparently steals his wife’s diamond necklace.

Dennis Stanton – Keith Michell
Axel Weingard – Rick Jason
Marta Weingard – Julie Parrish
Miles Hatcher – Conrad Janis
Theo Wexler – Jamie Farr
Shannon McBride – Leann Hunley
Janice Darrow – Frances Bergen
Joanna – Jensen Collier
Ray – Bill Cort
Lt. Bert Alfano – Joe Santos
Andy Broom – John Dye

90. Mr. Penroy's Vacation
Cabot Cove breaks in its new sheriff; meanwhile Jessica can’t quite believe that two elderly sisters had anything to do with the deaths of two men they planted under their chrysanthemums.

Sheriff Mort Metzger – Ron Masak
Seth Hazlitt – William Windom
Deputy Floyd – Will Nye
Sam Booth – Richard Paul
Helen Appletree – Teresa Wright
Lillian Appletree – Joan Leslie
Morris Penroy – Henry Jones
Clyde the Mailman – Robert Moberly
Clifford Coleson – Don Calfa
Bart Kapper – Norman Alden
Marilee Penroy – Candice Azzara
Daryl Croft – Tim Choate
Ole Korshack – Al Pugliese
Sue – Deborah Rose

91. Snow White, Blood Red
It’s all downhill for the crowd at a ski lodge when a sudden blizzard traps a killer in their midst.

Lt. Ed McMasters – Barry Newman
Sylvia McMasters – Ronnie Claire Edwards
Karl Andersson – Bo Svenson
Dr. Lewis – George Wyner
Pamela Leeds – Emma Samms
Anne Lowery – Jamie Rose
Mike Lowery – John Laughlin
Gunnar Tilstrom – Eric Allen Kramer
Larry McIvor – Tony O’Dell
John Dowd – Cyril O’Reilly
Parker – John Aindt

92. Coal Miner's Slaughter
After a coal miner’s daughter returns home to settle matters with the mine owner she holds responsible for her father’s death, someone settles the man’s hash with a rifle.

Molly Connors – Megan Mullally
Nora Morgan – Barbara Bain
Tyler Morgan – Chuck Connors
Reese Morgan – William R. Moses
Travis Harmon – Jared Rushton
Bridie Harmon – Marilyn Jones
Eben Connors – Denver Pyle
Carlton Reid – Cliff De Young
Sheriff Tate – Hoyt Axton

93. Wearing of the Green
The theft of an emerald tiara is followed by the murder of a gem dealer, both connected with a legendary actress living in seclusion.

Siobhan O’Dea – Jean Peters
Leo Selkirk – David Sheiner
Diane Raymond – Barbara Bosson
Laszlo Dolby – Michael Constantine
Andrea Deane – Erin Gray
Hudson Blackthorn – John McMartin
Ken Parrish – David Naughton
Det. Bess Stacey – Lucie Arnaz
Sgt. Kathleen Chadwick – Patricia McCormack
Stavros – David Sage
Superintendent – Thomas Bellen

94. The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel
An Air Force enquiry into the newly discovered murder of a cargo plane crewman back in 1952 points to Jessica’s late husband Frank as the prime suspect.

Clint Phelps – Martin Milner
Bonnie Phelps – Jane Greer
Lee Goddard – Dale Robertson
General Havermeyer – Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Major Cooper – Richard Roundtree
Ray Dressler – Clifton James
Nicholas Rossie – Michael Ansara
Sylvia Gagliano – Robin Strasser

95. Predicted: Murder
At an Arizona ranch, a psychic’s first two predictions come true about his acolyte, the rancher’s daughter-in-law, who dreads the third prediction: death in a fire.

Lee Goddard – Dale Robertson
Del Goddard – Michael Spound
Jill Goddard – Lisa Pelikan
Katherine Aaron – Melody Anderson
Franchesco/Conrad Stiegler – David Birney
Ben Aaron – Michael Parks
Greta Olson – Lena Ponsette
Roy Parks – Steve Kahan
Lt. Turner – Geoffrey Scott

96. Something Borrowed, Someone Blue
Grady’s wedding at his in-laws’ is a study in chaos: the housekeeper’s goose is cooked when she checks out with a meat thermometer in her back.

Grady Fletcher – Michael Horton
Donna Mayberry – Debbie Zipp
Franklin Mayberry – Eugene Roche
Maisie Mayberry – Gale Storm
Harriet Lundgren – Conchata Ferrell
Mrs. Pentworth – Patricia Barry
Kyle Laughlin – Ray Buktenika
Valerie – Betsy Palmer
Uncle Ben – Bill Macy
Uncle Ziggy – Howard Morris
Cousin Clara – Barbara Townsend
Sheriff Slocum – Rick Hurst
Photographer – David Stenstrom
Minister – David Byrd

97. Weave a Tangled Web
The tangled web woven by an apparently devoted wife begins to unravel when her keys and a personal note are found in the motel room of a murdered womanizer.

Vivian Proctor/Vivian Austin – Pamela Bellwood
Ralph Proctor – James Sutorius
Miles Austin – Mel Ferrer
Eric Bowman – George Chakiris
Augie Specter – Charles Haid
Margo Bowman – Gloria Loring
Debbie Proctor – Lisa Brinegar
Danny Proctor – Scott Curtis
Frankie – Stanley Kamel
Floyd – Will Nye

98. The Search for Peter Kerry
The emergence of a long-missing possible heir to millions serves only as a prologue to murder.

Andrew Kerry – William Prince
Rick Barton – Marc Singer
Leona Schubert – Anita Morris
Danny Schubert – Michael Beck
Roger Philby – Mason Adams
Alma Goodrich – Vanessa Brown
Edie Lorraine – Lorna Patterson
Chief Underwood – Lane Smith
Sgt. Joe Rice – Sam Bottoms
Minister – James O’Connell
Medical Examiner – John Petlock

99. Smooth Operators
The little details don’t quite jibe when a derelict is found dead in an alley, apparently the victim of alcoholism.

Dr. David Latimer – Dirk Benedict
Dr. Craig Zachary – Nicolas Coster
Dr. Lowell Wheatley – Rudy Challenger
Dr. Robert Markle – Dennis Patrick
Grace Fenton – Shirley Knight
Leon Schnable – Michael McGrady
Lt. Timothy Hanratty – Barney Martin
Dr. Sid Lantz – Peter Van Norden
Captain E. Larson – Ed Winter
Stephanie Holtz – Lise Hilboldt
Phil Cashman – Greg Lewis
Charlie – Orlando Bonner

100. Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble
Cabot Cove is spooked by the apparent reappearance of a long-dead witch still practicing black magic.

Irene Terhune – Jill Donald
Mildred Terhune – Dee Wallace Stone
Gordon Fairchild – Roddy McDowall
Rick Rivers – Bill Maher
Reverend Fordyce – Russell Nype
Dr. Overman – Brad Dourif
Adam Forbisher – Christopher Stone
Jonas Holt – John J. York
R.L. Pearson, Esq. – Bruce Gray
Harriet – Patience Cleveland
Deputy Floyd – Will Nye
Simon – Colin Campbell
Dora – Sally Hughes
TV reporter – Marla Robbins

101. From Russia with Blood
In Moscow, the KGB steps in after security men shoot a thief who ran off with Jessica’s purse – which, they discover, contains mysterious microfilm.

Lt. Theodore Alexandrov – Anthony Geary
Sergei Chaloff – Peter Donat
Chief Inspector Bernicker – Jack Bannon
Bert Firman – Adrian Zmed
Mrs. Hayes – Christine Rose
Cyril Grantham – David McCallum
Peggy Brooks – Judy Parfitt
Minister Melnikov – Jeremy Kemp
Irina – Eve Brenner
Nikolai – Michael Chieffo
Alexei – Johnny Lykes
Dukhov – Milos Kirek

102. Alma Murder
There’s no way Jessica will believe her beloved old English professor’s confession to killing a shady co-ed, not even in self-defense.

Prof. Leon Walker – E.G. Marshall
Steve Chambers – Jason Bighe
Margaret Stone – Janice Rule
Emily Dyers – Dinah Shore
Karen Chambers – Dana Sparks
Rhonda Sykes – Kate Vernon
Sara Haines – Felicia Lansbury
Hank Pruett – Owen Bush
Sgt. Trask – Lee De Broux
Secretary – Kevin Michaels

103. Truck Stop
At a seedy desert truck stop, murder fells Jessica’s traveling companion, a screenwriter who has tape-recorded the chain of events that led up to his death, including the murder he himself

Walter Murray – Mike Connors
Vera Gerakaris – Elizabeth Ashley
Pete Gerakaris – Ron Karabatsos
Flora Gerakaris – Jill Schoelen
Terence Locke – Peter Haskell
Sheriff Tugman – Ken Swofford
Roscoe – Andrew Prine
Grange – Isaac Turner
Desmond – Kristoffer Tabori

104. The Sins of Castle Cove
A former student of Jessica’s writes a thinly-veiled expose of Cabot Cove’s seamier side, which rubs nerves raw and inspires murder.

Sybil Reed – Page Hannah
Eve Simpson – Julie Adams
Ideal Malloy – Kathryn Grayson
Phyllis Grant – Gloria DeHaven
Loretta Spiegel – Ruth Roman
Corinne – Sally Klein
Deputy Floyd – Will Nye
Noah Harwood – Luke Askew
Miriam Harwood – Rosanna Huffman
Ellis Holgate – Graham Jarvis
Rose Mulligan – Fran Ryan
Tim Mulligan – Frederick Coffin
George Greer – Stuart Nisbet
Janet Paisley – Joan Roberts

105. Trevor Hudson's Legacy
In Montana, the Big Sky falls in on a young editor threatening to go public with the claim that he was the actual author of a renowned novelist’s posthumous masterpiece.

Andrew Hudson – Don Galloway
Maria Hudson – Michael Learned
Cat Hudson Drake – Yvette Nipar
Livvy Hudson – Barrie Youngfellow
Barney Drake – Robert Klein
Dorothy Westerfield – Georgia Brown
Adam Perry – David Bradley
Sheriff Hank Masters – Steve Forrest
Doctor – Raymond Davis

106. Double Exposure
Jessica hires her old PI friend Harry McGraw to help figure out why a former neighbor she bumped into on the streets of Boston denied knowing her, and why the man’s wife insists he’s dead.

Harry McGraw – Jerry Orbach
Lt. Roy Quinlan – William Lucking
John Winslow – John Furlong
Maude Paulson Winslow – Christine Belford
Dr. Adam Paulson – Andrew Stevens
Nathan Swarthmore – Jon Cypher
FBI Agent Guilfoyle – Robert Hogan
Sgt. Howard Sternhagen – Earl Boen
Sgt. Frank Coyle – Allan Browne
Ralphie – Justine Darby
Cookie – Marty Davis
Wilber – Louis Herthum
Tommy – Joshua Peevy House
Gladys – Karen Morrow
Sloane – Danny Murphy

107. Three Strikes, You're Out
A baseball team’s new pre-game hostess is suddenly taken out of the ballgame, apparently by a surprised burglar.

Johnny Eaton – Todd Bryant
Charlie Holcomb/Freddy Masters – Tim Dunigan
Kel Murray – Beau Billingslea
Nancy Murray – Roxanne Reese
Doc Evans – Bernie Casey
Mike Warlop – Rick Dean
Harry Dial – Vince Edwards
Pete Briggs – Shea Farrell
Roz Briggs – Anne Lockhardt
Avery Burns – Jake Jacobs
Al Sidell – Paul Sorvino
Loretta Lee – Terri Garber
Irving Randolph – Robert Mandan
Lt. Caceras – Reni Santoni
Umpire – Harry Robinson

108(a). Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall (part 1)
A fading mystery writer threatens to murder her rival Jessica, but she shows up in Cabot Cove wearing a smile and bearing a gift.

Eudora McVeigh Shipton – Jean Simmons
Hank Shipton – Ken Howard
Bobby Shipton – Daniel McDonald
Liza Caspar – Shelley Fabares
Victor Caspar – David Hedison
Lew Bracken – Richard Anderson
Floyd – Will Nye
Doctor – Edward Pen
Nurse – Lisa Nelson
Arnie – Robert Dryer
Joey – Michael Doven
Jonathan – Richard Erdman
Gadge – William Bryant
Willie – Ken Gerson

108(b). Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall (part 2)
Eudora admits she stole Jessica’s story notes, but she denies poisoning the apples she brought or murdering the detective who was following her.

Eudora McVeigh Shipton – Jean Simmons
Hank Shipton – Ken Howard
Bobby Shipton – Daniel McDonald
Liza Caspar – Shelley Fabares
Victor Caspar – David Hedison
Lew Bracken – Richard Anderson
Floyd – Will Nye
Doctor – Edward Pen
Nurse – Lisa Nelson
Arnie – Robert Dryer
Joey – Michael Doven
Jonathan – Richard Erdman
Gadge – William Bryant
Willie – Ken Gerson

Sources: TV Guide and The Unofficial Guide to Murder She Wrote by James Robert Parish.

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